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Ashamed of my past

Am I going to hell? Should I start praying? I do not know much but I know what I did in life wasn’t right.

My past is making me sick!

We have moved into a new house where I’m surrounded by people in this new area that knew (and I’m afraid will choose to not forget) about the things I did. I lose sleep. I look at my husband and feel guilty. I just want to cry all the time.

A future wife’s bad history

I have assumed she was raped by her father… Does this type of bad past have to be told to a future husband?

Troubled… who should I choose?

My parents said if I wanted to have any relationship with them I would have to divorce my wife. If I choose my parents I lose my wife – if I choose my wife I lose my parents.

Need Help-Should i Marry him?

How can I believe him as they say “Old Habits die Hard”?

In Love with a Muslim Convict, should I go ahead and marry him?

There is a Muslim man who is from the Middle East and converted to Islam during prision in 2006, MashAllah he is so religious and into the Deen, a lot of women tried to ruin his life, his ex wife framed him and now he is going back to prison.