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Dad beating his 24 year daughter – is this permissible in Islam?

Since childhood I have been beaten by my father. Is this right?

Should a husband break a wife’s heart beacause of his respect?

He got mad one day, punched my face, slapped me so hard many times. I was crying so bad and dying from a headache.

Forced marriage and marital rape

I am going through physical, mental and sexual abuse every day. My parents ask me to compromise for family’s reputation and honour. But I feel like I’m dying slowly here…

Fleeing an abusive husband… but still trapped

I got to my family and filed khula, but my mother got shocked and she and my brother started beating me…

15 years old and abused by parents

I’ve suffered from physical abuse from my father and my mother. I’ve also been starved by her.

I don’t think I want to marry him….should I do it to make my parents happy?

I tried to share my concerns with my parents… the last time I did, I got bruises. They won’t break the marriage off.

My ex-boyfriend is threatening me

Please help me and tell me how should I stop him from ruining my life and telling my parents about what I have done.

How do I end my forced marriage?

My parents forced me into marriage with a guy I dislike very much. I have refused to consummate the marriage. I have been threatened with death, kicked out of the house, verbally abused and beaten.