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My boyfriend left me and I can’t stop blaming myself

My ex-boyfriend didn’t like it when I started working. He said that he felt neglected, and wanted more time with me. Now I can’t stop thinking about it….what if I’d been different with him?

I cheated and now my wife doesn´t trust me, even though I have changed

Even though I have changed myself and ready to give in to everything that my wife wants, still she feels that she is the lone one suffering in this marriage. I have done and want to do everything to make her feel good and positive about our relationship but it’s somehow never enough, and the reason is because of what has happened. I can’t go in the past and redo it.

I can’t move on after my divorce

I have a son to look after and I have to be strong for me to be with him. But I am broken from inside.

Hurt and problems everywhere

ALLAH must be angry with our family. There is not a single happiness left.

My husband cheats on me!

I hate him for lying and cheating and breaking my trust over and over again.. And I want to get a divorce coz I’m not happy. I feel like a door mat, a puppet..

How can I find happiness?

Committed Zina, Depressed and Unhappy, Suicidal Thoughts… Allah will never forgive me. Help me please!

I destroyed my life for the man I loved…

i never wanted to have a sexual relationship with someone before marriage let alone someone who left me for marriage and I have myself to blame. I can’t seem to move on… I feel totally destroyed.

My ex-boyfriend is threatening me

Please help me and tell me how should I stop him from ruining my life and telling my parents about what I have done.

One new year after my divorce, I am still a wreck and depressed

After the divorce, I am in so much pain. My family is so far way. The shame of divorce eats me up. Now, when I hear he might get back with the lady who cheated on him, even though I am not his wife anymore, I feel betrayal, hurt and endless pain.

I broke up with my boyfriend and can’t move on; please help me

Its easy saying just forget everything and you will be happy but that doesn’t make any change. I have tried billions of times not thinking about him but what ends is him on my mind
Please help me I want to move on:'(.