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Second marriage for both of us… however I’m Christian

I could not bear the possibility of not seeing him again… I don’t accept that we cannot be together…

Christian woman and Pakistani Muslim man – Should I Proceed?

He said he can’t marry me because I’m Christian, then he changed his mind. I’m not sure whether to proceed.

Do I have to convert to Islam to marry Pakistani guy?

He wants to marry me after he finishes his studies. Do I need to convert?

A mother’s love – has she accepted me as her daughter-in-law?

Has my mother-in-law accepted and approved our marriage?

Converting to Islam (family issues)

We started off as friends sharing similar interests in life and shared similar goals as well. As we spent more and more time with one another we both began falling for one another. As we both shared our personal life experiences, goals and simple life stories religion was one of the main topics to be brought up. I learned that he is a Muslim man and he learned that I am a Christian woman. … I made the decision that I wanted to convert not only for him and our life together, but to be closer with God and to practice the Islamic beliefs.

He’s Muslim, I’m Christian, is Our Marriage Valid?

Hi, I’ve been married to my husband who’s muslim for nearly three years now. At the time we got married in a registry office, with two male muslim witnesses and one female christian witness..

My boyfriend is Muslim, I’m Christian, and we cannot convince his family

I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now, and he’s Muslim and I’m Christian. We have had a lot of trouble trying to convince his and my family that we really are devoted towards our love for each other.