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Do I have to convert to Islam to marry Pakistani guy?

internet relationship

Hi I am a Christian women and fell in love with a Pakistani guy online. He is currently studying and told me that he is serious with our relationship and told me he wants to marry me after he finish his studies. My question is do I need to convert to Islam to marry him? And what are new changes after I marry him?


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  1. OP: He is currently studying and told me that he is serious with our relationship and told me he wants to marry me after he finish his studies.

    If he is really serious, ask him to promise you that he will marry you in front of his parents.

    • Follow your heart..!! Discuss your problem with your partner..ask him for help..! If he he really loves you than he will not force you to convert your religion..!! Don't listen to anyone else. If you are ok to convert your religion into another one..!! Than it's ok. The Pakistani guys are good..! If you change your religion he must be happy. And also the Pakistani mens are reaprespons husband. Not only caring but also understanding. Yes there will be some changes after marriage, like you will be not allowed to go out without your husband. No male friends, no night outs, no fancy and short dresses, because you are going to be his wife as well as the daughter in law of his family. But now the generation has changed. So it is not that you cannot enjoy your life..some changes might take place..! And again will say..liste l to your heart..!! God bless you dear.

  2. Dear,

    Never ever convert for a man. Never.

    Do your research, do take time to see how you feel about Islam and if it makes sense...then convert.

    If you are Christian in your heart, then please leave this man. If you feel islam is something you beleive then do so.

    The idea of a man to marry islasm is to keep the religion,.....because you will raise the kids...not it's better for a muslim man to marry a muslim lady.

    But don't do it because you love him, do it because you beleive in it.

    And do speak to his parents, don't be his secret girlfriend. Many men like to have girlfriends for a few years and then they are too chicken to talk to their parents and marry someone else. Tell him no more relationship until you meet his parents. If he was serious, this would be no issues, if he was a player. He will delay this. You can so thus through Skype if they are not here, no excuses.

    • i cant agree more

    • "Never ever convert for a man. Never."

      Why? Isn't is possible that she might begin by converting for her husband, but come to have true faith over time? I have seen this before. Does it matter how a person comes to the religion of Allah, as long as they come?

      Wael Editor

  3. Ugh here we go again.

    Do NOT believe a thing this guy says! Please look for someone is your own country, that you have actually met in real life.

    • True bcs i hv experience n also my friend escp if they still study , maybe abit different if they alredy hv job or work overseas, they just use foreigner girl for time pass

  4. Don't take what he says seriously unless parents are involved, Pakistani families like to stick to their own and aren't likely to be ok with someone who isn't Pakistani or Muslim..
    You DO NOT have to convert in order to marry a Muslim being Pakistani or not!!
    I don't know if he told you to or not.. But if he did then he isn't a good Muslim a true Muslim would like you to convert but at your own will because you want to and not for anyone other than your self.

    Many (NOT ALL) Pakistani guys like to spend time online talking to girls they will tell you all kinds of things but mostly it's just pass time.

    Avoided a heartache and tell him is he is serious to have his family present and ask for your hand in marriage, other wise let him go sweetie

  5. The simple answer to your question is NO.

    God doesn't accept your Islam if you just do it to marry a man ( Period )
    As a christian you already know God(Many Christians refer to Him by THE FATHER), and you know He sees your heart an knows your intention. So do not try to go the wrong way with the ALL KNOWER, instead be sincere whether you be a muslim or stay Christian. He only accept sincere hearts / actions. and in Islam it is no different from that.

    However, you owe it to yourself to study islam and give it a fair chance, and see if you can see the truth in it. Seeking the truth is the best thing you can do in your life and it will set you free, give you peace and contentment, much more than what you have bargained for when you met this young man online.

    May Allah guide you and make your task easy in both finding the truth and marrying with the man of your dreams who would cherish you

  6. It is very easy to find a fraud in Pakistan. If you search in the internet, you will find many foreign woman were cheated by Pakistan man. I hope your boyfriend is a gentleman and the love is real.

    The question about converting comes because he is muslim, not because he is Pakistani. The Islamic law insists the bride to convert into islam. But good news for you is - the rule is flexible for christian woman . Because christian is considered as "Ahale kitab" - means, followers of holly book (bible, quran). The religious believe of Christian and Muslim is very close.

    As you are a christian, you can marry a muslim man without changing your religion. But you need to make sure, you believe in one and only God. Still, it is always best to convert into Islam.

    Know more about Islam, I bet you will like the religion and would like to convert.

  7. Salam sister

    First of all
    Think about staying in the most halal way with this guy you are in love with and then think about if he really loves you and Islam is beautiful, you should be proud to even think about being a Muslim

  8. yes please ask him to bring his parents on Skype to have chat with your parents, at least he can do this.
    and i dont believe like somebody has said over here that Pakistani families accept only Pakistanis i falsify this.
    my cousin who is living in united states since he was 16 is married to a polish woman for more than 10 years the girls is 14 years younger than him i guess, well both are happy yes his mother in law did nt want a white woman but my cousin married her with the permission of my mother as my mother has brought him up so its nothing like this . only the mothers have problems in such cases, my Spanish teacher is living in Pakistan she is married happily but the question is he met you online so please involve your parents too . are your parents acquainted with any Pakistani family over there so that they can investigate his background through them e.g if he is not engaged, his reputation etc. so then you may further process it.

    • lorelei lee: yes please ask him to bring his parents on Skype to have chat with your parents, at least he can do this. and i don't believe like somebody has said over here that Pakistani families accept only Pakistanis i falsify this.

      I remember reading about a foreign born woman who married a Pakistani. She even went to Pakistan to live with his wife. This guy's real wife was living there and was introduced to this foreign woman as a cousin or some thing like that.

      One could easily put some one else (other then parents) on phone or skype and make them say what ever they want.

      It is good your cousin married ...........against wishes of his mother. Your cousin dated that girl and decided to marry her. A Muslim girl may loose her life, sent back to Pakistan or forcibly married to her cousin if she dates any one. There are some Muslim girls married like your cousin did.

      Most young Pakistanis/Indians play games with WHITE women. They pretend to love them and promise to marry them. In reality they just want to have sex with them. After few months/years of dating all of a sudden they break the news that their parents have forcibly engaged/married them to some other girl.Most comments here have warned this girl not to trust this guy.

      • She even went to Pakistan to live with his wife.

        I meant " She even went to Pakistan to live with his family".

      • but she can involve her parents to investigate him through any Pakistani family, i dont think its easy to bring other people as parents on Skype.
        let her do this and the reality will be on her face, if he is not a flirt he will bring his parents if not then you know what others are saying " merely excuses"

  9. Assalamo alaikum. Sister, how are you so certain that this man who has never met you, loves and wants to marry you? Please ask yourself this and if the answer is merely " because he said so" then you have some serious rethinking to do. As per my knowledge, Muslim men can marry Christian and Jewish women provided that they are virtuous. If you meet this criteria, then no you do not need to convert. And it's a very bad idea to convert for any thing other than genuine faith in Islam. However, I'd ask you to reconsider keeping up this relationship, as many,many such cases have ended in tears.

  10. If you convert then the nikah will be valid. besides this you will become haram for him.Islam is simple (crystal clear).I am revert or convert and my moms previous religion was Roman catholic .Before Islam i studied many religions and i found all the answers in Islam.To believe that Allah is one who has no family no sons or daughters .The creator of the seen and unseen.The giver of life and death. He has no begining and no end! Allah has sent his prophets to this world to remind them of there creator.To worship and obey him and to stay away from the worship of idols.And soooo.......The seal of prophets comes to the rescue a saviour a mercy for mankind.He is mentioned by all the prophets even in the major scriptures but most men know not and those who do know cover it up!! Jesus was a muslim and he was never crucified as they claim.They conspired and plot but Allah is the best of plotters.Sister learn Islam correctly.There are 2 many people who blindly follow and so they mix there beliefs up and soo they get confused and confuse others.The correct Islam are the sunni sect . The school of thought Abu hanifa. this is one of 4 major school of thoughts.My advice figure out what you want but dont feel this is the love of my life.When you get married things do change and now the real test begins so if this love at first sight think twice because thats just dream and that doesnt last to far.Look at the world howmany divorces affairs and abuses within 2 yrs of marriage.

  11. Please ask him to introduce you with your parents.. and you have to meet them.. they are many cheaters on Nat so please investigate in his home country before to take any decision.

    Other than this guy.. about Islam you have to read English version of quran.. and if you feel from your heart for Islam than you can take any decisions

    My last advice choose relegion for God not for men
    If you choose for God.... than God will never leave you alone

  12. I'm Catholic and I have a pakistani boyfriend, he proposes marriage to me. when my contract is finished he said he will go with me in my country so we will get married their. then he will fix my visa so i cud go back to this country where he works and be with him. and he said he will bring me to pakistan to meet his family..i already have 2 kids, he knows about it and he accept my kids. will i consider my relationship with him or forget it while its still fresh. Im afraid his family will not like me, not only because im a catholic but also i have baggage already.

    • Mhay, I think it's best to end this relationship. Pakistani families tend to be very closed minded about these kinds of things. I think it's unlikely that his family would accept you. In fact it's possible that your boyfriend does not intend to marry you, but is only telling you what you want to hear so that he can continue having relations with you.

      Wael Editor

  13. Yup.... make your life secure

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