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Are Christians friends or enemies? And is Marilyn Monroe in Hell?

Are the Christians friends of the Muslims or enemies? And do the Christians go to Heaven or Hell? For example, Marilyn Monroe?

Can baptised baby be made a Muslim by his father?

His mother has baptised him, takes him to church, and he is being brought up with Christian values and principles? Can he be taken to a mosque and made a Muslim without the mother’s permission?

I want to convert from Islam to Christianity so I can get a job

I am fed up of this after trying it for the last 5 years. Overall I can say that Islam is the best religion without any doubt, yet it’s followers are the worst -including me. So I want to leave the religion where people have no unity, fight with each other, are selfish, jealous, have an attitude, are arrogant, etc.

Getting married in the Islamic way

He wants to get married the Islamic way. Can I still marry him even if I am christian?

I’m tired, I need a new way of life, a new religion

I’m very tired of being physically, verbally, and sexually abuse/harassed throughout my life. I’m constantly depressed every time. I need a new way of life. I always seek the Bible for help but right now, I’m lost…

He told me not to contact him, what does Islam say about his behaviour?

I am a Roman Catholic woman who befriended a Muslim man within the home of married friends. The husband is Muslim and his wife is also a Catholic. My friendship with this man stemmed from a mutual respect and discussion of our faiths..

I am a convert and want to divorce my christian husband islamically

Please I need your advise. I am a converted muslim for more than a year now. I was married in Catholic rites but my husband left me for another woman 9 years ago and never seen him since. I am now working in the Middle East and it is here that I learned, studied and embraced Islam..

Please, help me to answer my Christian woman´s questions.

My loving woman has concerns about islam and i dont know to answer in good way because im not perfect with english so her concerns are the differences in our religions. When we marry you, she feels she will be going against the Bible because it says that Christians should marry Christians. she told me she is okay going against the Bible on this concern, however when we marry, would she have to convert to Islam for me!!

My parents hate Islam but I want to convert and marry

5 months ago, I met a Muslim man. The problem is that my parents hate everything related to Islam (they are very pious Christians) and since they knew that I was interested in Islam, my parents are very sad and my father even got health problems because of it.

Jewish man in love with a Muslim girl – should I tell our families?

I’m a Jewish man in love with a Muslim girl. I wrote her poetry from my heart, and I support her decisions, I will raise my children as Muslims, for I have always loved Islam, even if I am Jewish. I wrote her mother a letter that Aisha does not know of, asking her mother for forgiveness and to give me a chance to explain myself.