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Marrying a man who convert to Islam just to get married with Muslim girl

Is it halal if I marry him? If I think inside myself will work hard to make him a good Muslim after we get married?

I am muslim boy who wants to marry a Hindu girl – please help.

I know she just want to be muslim just for me, please guide me what should I do? I will marry with her in court.

He became Muslim for me but I feel we shouldn’t get married

If I leave he is gonna leave Islam so I will be sinful for that…

I want to marry a non- muslim girl

I want to marry Hindu girl. We are in love with each other, and she wants to become a muslim from the heart and accepts to do namaz, roja, learn quran; but refuses to eat beef. Iis it good or a sin? Please tell me, as no one is accepting this from my or her family. […]

Fiance said he wants to convert to Islam but changed his mind, should I move on?

I have been in a forbidden relationship with a man ever since I was 15 years old and I was in love with him. He is one year younger than me. We have loved each other for 5 years and just recently asked me to marry him. We got engaged this year. At first I was not practicing Islam, but last year I have renewed my beliefs after watching many videos of Islam and grew a better understanding of Islam…

How can I convince my Buddhist girlfriend to be Muslim?

I am seeking advice on how I can guide my non-Muslim girlfriend to Islam. Her background is Buddhist, but she doesn’t believe at all about Buddhism. Even though so, I tried to let her know about Islam, (although ashamedly I am not a good Muslim), but she only has bad impressions on it (as of news). She said she does believe in God, willing to let our future kids to learn Islam, but she herself doesn’t want to do all the praying etc.