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Help on convincing parents

Her family wants an early marriage but my mother is insistent of me waiting till I get older.


True love with few complications help out!!!!

It’s not easy to convince my parents because of his past religion and other city.

I’m in a desperate need of help……..can’t receive any help from anywhere… Someone please help!

His parents don’t want us to get married… they are complicating things for him such as not talking to him, always taunting and insulting him, cursing him…

I want to marry a Muslim Man but my Mother has been brainwashed to be anti- Muslim …

She is sadly ignorant because our media portrays “Muslim” in such a way that create fear. I don’t think she will listen to me explain…

I want to marry him but my family won’t accept him

How can I convince my family when I can’t tell them that I already know him?!

I’m in love, what should I do?

Please tell me what am I supposed to do? Whom should I tell ? Mom or dad? How should I tell them? How should I convince them?

I want to marry a lady who is divorced

I need opinion to convince my parents. I have been told by her to ask my parents to go and see her.

Secretly married for 8 years; how to break this to parents and convince them?

I’m continuously insisting to my family, trying to get them to agree to that man, but they are not agreeing and are afraid of the society and surroundings where we live about what the people will say about it, like why a young girl would marry a married person with 2 kids etc

He Divorced Her Out Of Anger, Then Divorce Happened Through Court – Can I Marry Her Now?

I have proposed her and she has accepted it. Having said this, I am faced with some social and legal issues here. In a society where financial and social position matters a lot, marrying a divorced or widow with kids from a lower class is considered a taboo, especially for an unmarried man of my age.

My Mom won’t let me marry the Guy I Love

I’m a 19 yr old girl living in Canada, and having problems with my mom about my marriage, she wants me to get married to my cousin and he lives in Pakistan, but I love someone else.