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Leaving a girl for Allah

I don’t have any options and my friend is saying me to marry her and I don’t want to marry her.

Arranged Marriage – Emotional Pressure

My parents are forcing me to get married. I have respected them all my life but I am trying to convince them that I will not be happy.

I don’t want to marry my cousin!

I know it’s permitted in Islam but I find it weird, I know if I’m to marry my cousin I won’t be happy.

I need to cancel this marriage

Can you suggest me something to recite to cancel this relation please… otherwise may be I will die.

Need advice regarding my Istikhara

Since performing the istikhara I still feel confident with the choice I have made. I think about her, keep wondering how she is and what she’s doing but never since istikhara has the thought about marrying her come across my mind.