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Dream About Proposal in Marriage

Please I need dream interpretation.


Dream of Prophet (SAW) as a huge giant, dressed in gold robes.

I had this dream some years ago before I got married and at a time when I was far from my deen.

Request for istikhara dream interpretation

I found a violet colour flower while passing through a place that I didn’t remember.

Remarrying my husband

I dreamt of remarrying my husband. In real life we are married for almost two years and his parents still didn’t accept me.

Dream interpretation

In my dream, when I woke up my beard was fully shaved.

I saw two bad dreams again and again, and I want its tabeer

These disturb and worry me a lot. Please guide me in the light of Islam.

Dreaming of unknown

I’m having very strange dreams about people I don’t know and never met.

Interpretation of dream

Can you please tell me what it indicates?

Istekhara dream explanation required

Does it mean anything? Please help!

Dreams about marrying an already married man and father’s death

These dreams have disturbed me a lot. Please do help.