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Dream of ex-husband

Why am I having these dreams and what is the interpretation?


Istikhara Dream Interpretation

I did istikhara and had a vivid dream.

Istikhara Dreams Interpretation

I am not sure whether to interpret these dreams as good or bad…

Dreaming about glass bangles again and again

It’s not like I think about bangles but I am repeatedly seeing bangles in my dreams.

Dream About Proposal in Marriage

Please I need dream interpretation.

Dream of Prophet (SAW) as a huge giant, dressed in gold robes.

I had this dream some years ago before I got married and at a time when I was far from my deen.

Request for istikhara dream interpretation

I found a violet colour flower while passing through a place that I didn’t remember.

Remarrying my husband

I dreamt of remarrying my husband. In real life we are married for almost two years and his parents still didn’t accept me.

Dream interpretation

In my dream, when I woke up my beard was fully shaved.

I saw two bad dreams again and again, and I want its tabeer

These disturb and worry me a lot. Please guide me in the light of Islam.