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Salaam,there is this guy that i tend to like and i am very much attached to him emotionally.He is pious and is always helping me improve on my deen.I even introduced him to my parents since we really want to get married but my parents are opposed to the idea and want me to marry my cousin.I prayed Istiqara several times and i keep seeing my cousin getting married to another lady and i see myself crying and regretting.I haven't seen the guy i love in my dreams at all.Kindly help me interpret this dreams since this is the third time I'm seeing the same thing.


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  1. WS.

    Try doing the isteqara again but make sure you recite ayatul qursi and blow on yourself before going to sleep. Without doing this, the dream could be from satan or a jinn that has been instigated by black magic.


  2. Isteqara is asking for Allah's help in making any decision. Dreams does not necessarily indicate isteqara's result. I would suggest you to do the isteqara and when you wake up the next morning, Allah will surely make your mind clear of this confusion or you can continue with what you're feeling good. Just trust your decision after doing isteqara. If there's anything bad in your decision then Allah will make you feel so. You will be directed to the right path with Allah's will.

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