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As salammualaikum ,

i keep seeing dirty toilets in my dream , those toilets are usually public toilets. And when I enter in the toilet doors gets opened abd i see everyone is looking at me. I also keep seeing myself naked in dream. I pray regularly.  i get these dreams. Can you please interpret it?

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  1. You don't give much background information but seeing yourself repeatedly in a dirty toilet or being exposed to faeces means you are being exposed to dirty jinns who love residing in such places - this is how your soul views these creatures. The dream is coming from your soul. The dream means jinns are attacking you and this only happens if someone does black magic on you.

    Seeing yourself naked or being exposed to others means you will suffer loss - loss of clothing means loss of worldly possession, status etc.

    So being exposed in a dirty toilet means someone is attacking you with black magic and you will suffer loss as a result. Your soul is telling you to take action to protect yourself.

  2. @Hussain,

    asalam alaikum, jsut wondering where you got the info above from? i have a dream i would like interpreted as well. i use a book but didnt find anything particular related in it.

  3. To Hussain,

    What a bullcrap that you said. You are those people who made Islam looks and sounds like a joke. Stop being a false prophet.

  4. I used to have such dreams. I know how annoying they can be. They stopped after I started listening to surat AlBaqarah daily and at work.
    I have no idea if such dreams are connected to dirty jinns or black magic but I'm certain they are connected to negative energy.
    Beware - from experience!

  5. Ignore those dreams

    Instead, male sincere duas to Allah for beautiful dreams and peaceful nights.

    Perhaps there is an interpretation, but you won't find it here from anonymous people on the internet.

    If you can find a local learned elder in the deen and dream interpreter, then seek their council.

    Until then, perform good deeds, give sadaqah and make dua.

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