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I dreamed that my mother is committing zina


I had a dream that my mum and dad broke up and my mum was committing zina with another man. But it felt like adultery and I felt very sad and was crying in the dream.

What does this mean?


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  1. Its probably your anxieties playing havoc with your dreams.

    Any of your parents being in another relationship will feel like adultery to you.

    So nothing to worry about

  2. It means you had one crazy dream and need to go back to sleep. Don't tell anyone as someone could get the wrong end of the stick and come up these fairytale stories and how dreams can be true or dreams can be a sign of something. Just leave it before you cause problems for your mum over nothing.

  3. Bad dreams are from shaitan. Please do not tell anyone and delete this post too. Also nullify the bad dream by turning left and making spitting sound ( not actually spitting) ans saying ‘Auzu billahi min sharri shaitani wa sharri ha’ 3 times. Also pray to Allah to protect your parents always .

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