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I lost money in my dream…

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In my recent dream, I lost/had my wallet stolen at a Thug place where me and my family stopped for an overnight during travelling to somewhere.

An Islamic dream interpretation website says that losing wallet in a dream means death is near. I'm freaked out. Can it be true? Please reply. I'm 46 years old, married, and have 2 boys MashAllah.

My wallet has in real cash 200$, about 150€, and my debit card.  This money that I thought about in my dream was gone, which made me very sad. 😔


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  1. Practice your religion and something irrational like this won't worry you. Remember we can die at any moment and nothing is promised to us. And dreams can be hugely impacted by your emotions of that day and the things you did. So it's not something you can accept as information

  2. Ws

    Islamic dream interpretation sites are just nonsense, take them with a pinch of salt as they have nothing to do with Islam and more to do with superstition and folk tales. None of the dream interpretations on these sites has ever been true for me.

    Of course dreams can have meaning, but more often than not, they just represent our anxieties played out by our subconsciousness in our dreams. So your dreams shows that you are anxious about losing your money/wealth or even more likely of being mugged/robbed when you're travelling, that's all it is. Nothing to do with death, to you a wallet does not represent life as it may have done to some ancient arab, so that meaning does not apply to you.

    Don't worry, be happy, inshallah you will live for a long time.

  3. The bad dreams are sometimes from shaytaan , recite the Surah to protect yourself from Shaytaan, dont let him put negative thoughts into your mind. Shaytaan is always trying to misguided his servants, he doesn't bother with kufr because they are already on his path to hell , we on the other hand are following the righteous path to Jannah , stay on it brother and dont be tempted or deterred by him.

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