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i dreamed about this today in the morning.i saw myself taking a bath with my clothes on in my bathroom.and basically i was enjoying the bath for more than an hour and soon the light of the bathroom becomes quite dim and the bathroom becomes quite dark and i was scared and the bulb fused ..after sometimes, my friend (just my senior in university)joined me and tried making love with me and it seemed like we quite loved eachother in the dream but i was still wearing my clothes in the bath till he tried removing them..then i woke up and again dreamed about him.i saw two or three people burnt in the fire and he was also one of them,but when i asked people about him,he stood up from the black smoke and came near me and he was all fine then.seemed like he was burnt in the fire and a miracle happened and he came up to me alive after hearing my voice.? does this dream has to do something with him? (note: dream was after Fajr prayer) we're becoming quite good friends but we never shared such feelings ofcourse and he helped me alot in fighting my depression..but does this dream mean something ?a warning or what?


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  1. Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu. My interpretation of some dreams has turned out to be true, although I have limited knowledge on interpreting dreams. I hope my interpretation of your dream might turn out to be true, Inshallah.

    Bismillah. You taking a bath with your clothes on is purifying your deen - the clothes represent deen and the bath means purification.

    The light of the bathroom becoming quite dim is your knowledge decreasing and the bathroom becoming dark is the environment around you becoming hard for you as a result of you losing knowledge - the light represents knowledge and the dark represents ignorance.

    The bulb fusing is your emaan completely gone into darkness - light is knowledge, source of light is bulb, so the source of knowledge is emaan.

    The friend doing the haraam thing with you (as you are not married in the dream) means that that friend would persuade you into doing haram acts and you would end up committing some sins with him, and and you liking it too means you wound't feel remorse at all, BUT you haven't committed the MAJOR sin yet - zina, Alhamdullilah! How do we know that? Because he tried to remove the clothes, which is emaan, but you woke up! you did not lose your clothes - emaan! Alhamdullilah! as Abu Hurairah reported that Allah's Messenger said: "When a person commits zina, eman comes out of him until it is like a cloud (over him). When he stops, eman returns to him."

    So he burning along with the two people is the punishment and he coming up alive after hearing your voice is maybe you praying or doing something for his forgiveness and he would be forgiven.

    And Mashallah your beautiful question "but does this dream mean something ?a warning or what?" Yes, a true dream is, in your case, a heads-up for a believer from Allah.


    • SALAM...

      Please tell him to take care of his self.. its a reminder. (accident or health)
      and also maybe it will be better for both of u to tell ur feelings with each other. but becareful maybe he is just playing with you. cuz he was burning but when u came he seems fine.. means he is hiding something to you. im not sure of what is that. we all have different dreams and views. but for me since i was a child im always dreaming and all i remember till now and also knows the interpretation. but like what i said different meaning in views. only you can know just think of the logic.

  2. @Yusuf on I am trying to reach you please Email me .i need help about bad repeated dream I had for the last 6 months my Email ***

    • Habon, please do not post your private contact info as we do not allow it. If you need advice you can log in and submit your question as a separate post. Thanks.

      Wael Editor

    • Salamalaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu, Habon Hajira.

      Ohh, can you post it here, sister?

      • Yusuf ,

        Brother ,whats your islamic qualification to interpret the dreams ?
        Can you please share some references from Quran or Hadith about dream interpretations?
        These interpretation are of your own thoughts or you can give some proof ?

        • Assalamualaikum.

          Mashallah. Will it benefit you if I give all the references from Quran, Hadith, and interpretations from the scholars, and the names of the scholars that I learn from?

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