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Will this suffering remove sin?

I loved a girl and she married someone else. Whenever I see her, my heart burns. I performed umrah to ask for Allah’s guidance, and listened to so many Islamic lectures about depression and patience. But still I can’t console my heart.

Should I leave my husband?

I honestly don’t believe that I have provoked him to ‘deserve’ the beating and bruising. Nor does he seem to care about the emotional pain this has caused.

Should I divorce him or reconcile?

I need some advice. 
I have been married for three years. We have a 1-year-old daughter. Our Nikkah took place 6 months before I moved to his home, because I wanted to complete my studies. We met each other a few times before marriage and got into arguments even then. But they did not matter so much then.

Husband does not stand up for me when his family hurt me.

pls help me I am married with muslim guy. I am non-muslim for last 8 month I am married I live with my husband. We had a love marriage but know he has totally changed. He doesn’t love me & is not listening to any of my words & his family also hurt me so much.

I can’t let go of my past mistakes

I feel like I’m being punished by Allah because of all my sins. I’m almost 30yrs old, not married and have no life. When I was 7yrs old I was sexually abused several times by a family friend. I’ve never told anyone about this.

I have no desire to live any more, now my mum has rejected me

I’m emotionally hurt by every body close to me don’t want to live any more. I have several problems in my life from in-laws to my own family I really want to end my life.