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Will this suffering remove sin?

broken heart, sliced heart

As salamu alaikum Sir,

I loved a girl and she married someone else. Whenever I see her, my heart burns. It's also true that she loved me. She still wants to keep in touch, but I try to be apart from her. I performed umrah to ask for Allah's guidance, and listened to so many Islamic lectures about depression and patience. But still I can't console my heart. 5 months are gone. I'm trying to get married, but that's not happening, either.

The suffering I'm going though is not for any sharia action I did. That love was haram, I know. But my question is, will I get Allah's mercy and reward for my suffering? Do you suggest anything for me? Jazaka Allah.


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  1. As salamualikum
    With time one realizes that people who want to stay in your life will stay no matter what (minus abuse) . The girl has been married so forget about her . The best action you took is to be not in touch with her. Block her numbers/ social media accounts .She made a decision to move on with her life (under whatever circumstances) , so should you.Please do not fall into any trap of i was blckmailed or anything from her.
    What you are experiencing is natural grief , do not fall into any other relationship during this time. Instead turn that pain into something useful , perhaps stop your friends from falling into haram relationship, progress in your studies or career.
    Ask Allah for forgiveness for the relationship , make lots of duas and Allah will open doors of rizq for you .

  2. Assalaamualaykum Imtiaz,

    I'm sorry for your loss. It is clear you loved her, because you are hurting. It hasn't been that long since she got married, quite frankly. Getting "over her" completely could take upwards of three years, but you should start feeling better before then.

    The best thing you can do is repent for anything you feel you could have better and remember that the believer is not even pricked by a thorn without expiating some of his sins.

    Best to you,


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