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I constantly fight with my dad.

What can I do to make this all go away? How can I make my dad understand that I need my personal space, and his support?

Problems with my mother

There are some of our relatives which gives my mother wrong guidance and my mother follows them.

Meddling and abusive in-laws

I have been sworn at by his father whilst I was pregnant, abused emotionally over and over again by his mother, physically abused by his sisters.

My mother is becoming so unreasonable – I don’t know what to do

Is it alright for a mother to do anything that she wants, just because she is a mother? She never listens to anyone, she thinks that only she is right and can never tolerate any confrontation.

Trapped between family relationships

Things got bad between my wife and parents as my father took things in his hands in my absence… One day my wife got very sick and instead of taking her to the hospital my father left her at her parents place.

Engaged in childhood, now there are family problems… should I wait for him?

My dad has never talked to me that I am engaged to my cousin and in our culture girl’s willingness is not considered very necessary unfortunately.. But through my mom I came to know this all.

I have different ideals than my family

I am not talking to my mother, I don’t feel happy in the house and I want to get out. I have different ideals than my family.