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My sister flirts with my husband

I saw this nasty side of her personality at on my wedding reception. When me and my new groom were trying to bond on the dinner table, she popped her head in the middle to feed my husband a spoonful of ice cream (which was sweet) but when he refused she flipped her hair in a very corny way and said, ” c’mon! I’m your sister-in-law- which means half wife”, and giggled.

My husband phones his female friends

What are the rights of wife regarding time given by the husband. What if the husband wastes his time on talking on the phone with other girls. Is this right to say this is just friendship?

Cheated on husband before marriage

Before I got married I flirted with some other boys and kissed them. That’s when I was a teenager. I recently told my husband about it, and he doesn’t know if he can accept it. He is talking about divorcing me. What can I do?

Online friendship becoming romantic, I feel confused

I’ve been chatting to a girl online who recently reverted to Islam. She’s fallen in love with me. I’ve been talking to her for a while, although we haven’t spoken to each other because she knows it not allowed in Islam so I’ve talked through social website.

Dreaming of someone asking forgiveness. Is this a sign?

I cut off all connection with him after finding out about this. Throughout this period in my dream, I was ignoring him and he later asked forgiveness in my dream. I do not recall if I accepted or not, but I felt like just uplifting the grudge when I woke up.

I’ve been bad to my wife and I want to change

I”m a 31yr old guy who was happily married for 4yrs now and now with a daughter who is 3yrs old. My wife is pregnant with a second baby to come insha allah.

I was not that religious and I’m not an honest husband…

Got physical with a stranger I met online and now worried about my parents and reputation

Well I don’t know how to put this … I’ve done a lot of bad sins in my life. Like I go see guys when my parents are strict and don’t allow that. But this time I’ve let myself down. This guy flirted with me on a social network, I didn’t like talking to him at first but when I got to know him.. well I started to like him

My husband constantly asks me to divorce him

I am a muslim convert. I converted to Islam in 2006 and got married to a Muslim man in 2007. The thing is, my husband, he flirts etc in front of my face with other women, however if another man should even LOOK at me or talk to me, I am instantly to blame.