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Relationship with a Hindu girl I can’t forget

She calls me and tries to know how I am. Whenever I talk to other girls on Facebook as a friend, out of jealousy she also starts talking to new boys and tries to make me feel jealous. And by seeing all this I really lose my mind.

I want to marry a non- muslim girl

I want to marry Hindu girl. We are in love with each other, and she wants to become a muslim from the heart and accepts to do namaz, roja, learn quran; but refuses to eat beef. Iis it good or a sin? Please tell me, as no one is accepting this from my or her family. […]

Hindu girl ready to convert but afraid of hurting her parents

I am a Muslim boy in love with a Hindu girl for past ten years . Initially, she has always agreed to be a part of Islam, but since the D-Day is approaching her nervousness is creeping up. She understandably does not wants to tell her parents about her conversion to Islam, as this you […]

I’m Hindu and inlove with a Muslim boy, but he can’t marry me.

I am a girl of 23 years of age and in a relationship with a muslim guy. We both love each other. We both are in relationship since 5 months and we are very happy. But these days I am really upset coz I came to know that his parents have chosen a girl for him and he has to marry that girl, though he doesnt love her. He says he cannot hurt his family by saying no.

Should I marry for love or follow my parent’s wishes?

I am a muslim boy who wants to marry a Hindu girl. The time when we thought of being with each other for life and get married. I told her that it is going to be difficult for me to marry you because there are few expectations that my parents and family would have from you and I am not too sure if you will be able to fulfil them.