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Need advice before marriage

I have a scar… How am I supposed to disclose this to a sister before marriage?

What should I do about my life?

Nude photos were leaked… I cry everyday, people point at me… I feel like dying.

I am just fed up of what is happening in my life…

He spoils my reputation and my career, no one believes in my words they just believes in his fake pictures, university authorities decided to cancel my degree. I am helpless and I dont know why this is happening to me.

False blame for being a terrorist

He has said “I will destroy your life and make false charges for being a terrorist – I will file a case against you.”

How to leave a man you are financially dependant on?

Where in this world do I go with a baby and nothing else and nobody?

A humiliating marriage

My wife feels ashamed that she didn’t marry a doctor like her so she can live the lifestyle she wants.

I am feeling lost and need advice

I am heart broken and very depressed. But know that if and when I try to get out of this relationship he will make my life hell and will make me suffer.