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Nikkah fasakh

I had a qazi who done my nikkah fasakh. I have heard that nikkah fasakh doesn’t have iddah?

Can I do istekhara to marry someone after my khula and iddat while I am in a process of taking khula?

Is it permissible?

Can I move her to live with us, while she is in Iddat?

After the death of my phupha (father’s brother in law), Age: 68 years my phuphi (father’s sister) age: 62 years, is all alone in her house. She has no daughter or son. She is sick and dependent on others for daily activities.

Talaq when pregnant

If a husband says talaq 3 times in one instance whilst the wife is pregnant (6weeks – although did not know this at the time) and then he does not have physical contact for 8 months, and spoken or written contact only with her for over 3 months (until after she has given birth = thus completing her iddah), is the divorce valid?

Can I remarry nikah while in iddat?

I’m still in iddat and have one month left. Can I remarry nikah while in iddat?

Save me from doing zina, or would I have to give something towards Allah?

How do I tell my husband that I married him during my iddat and gave him an STD?

A short summary about me. I’m married for 5 years with two kids. We did not face any major issues in our married life-Alhamdulilah. But I’ve got two deep dark secrets which I’ve been keeping away from my husband since we married.