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In love with my classmate… Can I make dua regarding this?

I thought it was a crush but the feeling hasn’t gone away. I haven’t done anything about it, I don’t talk to him. Can I perform istikhara and make dua?

Being forced into marriage, but I love someone else

I got engaged and I only told that one friend who made me get into the relationship with my true love. I hate the guy I got engaged to; I never talked to him and I never thought this would happen. I never had and never will have any feelings for him because I love someone else and that someone else is not aware of all this.

I have a crush on my classmate, please guide me in the light of Islam

since childhood i had been told to change the channel or close my eyes when a ‘bad part’ would come on tv and since then id been given the conception that love is a bad thing

I can’t stop thinking about her. How can I get rid of these feelings?

I hacked her Yahoo! mailbox then sent her some messages about her personal tastes. When she found out she was furious. I can’t stop myself from thinking about her…

Dreaming of someone asking forgiveness. Is this a sign?

I cut off all connection with him after finding out about this. Throughout this period in my dream, I was ignoring him and he later asked forgiveness in my dream. I do not recall if I accepted or not, but I felt like just uplifting the grudge when I woke up.

How do I sort out this emotional dilemma

I am in a very confused and complex emotional state. It’s been happening to me for over three months now. It’s keeping me emotionally disturbed and affecting my perception of myself. It all begin on the first week of April, when a new girl joined our class.