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Being forced to marry someone although I love someone else of another religion

My boyfriend has now offered to take me away with the consent of his parents… I am certain of only one thing. I am against this forced marriage and i still have feelings for my boyfriend.

Muslim Marrying a Christian American Protestant woman – How to put the basis for a healthy relationship?

I do not want dive into a relationship and marriage without having all the parameters and find out years later that our lifestyles are not compatible.

I am hindu – I have vowed to marry very fair beautiful muslim girl

We started talking and then it turned into love and we had short affair but I was beaten by her brother along with his friends brutally… I have vowed to marry very fair beautiful muslim girl, innocent girl below 30,then why is men allowed to marry hindu girls then, it is not unfair?

Want to marry a Christian woman, will this be unlawful?

I’m a muslim man and I’m in love with a Roman Catholic Christian woman and we both want to get married. I know that this is permissible given that she is a practicing christian..

Muslim boyfriend is giving me mixed signals


I have a Muslim male friend and I would like to be more serious about him. We are talking for half a year via skype. Last month he decided to visit his family. He asked me if I would be sad if he got engaged with another girl which his mum prepared for him there and he havent ever seen her. I considered it a good joke and teased her.

Can a Muslim man marry a Catholic woman?

I am a Roman Catholic woman who has been best friends with a Muslim man since we were children. Four years ago, we started dating. I moved abroad and the first year of our relationship was a long-distance one.

Married to a non- muslim. How can I bring her to Islam?

My wife is a non muslim woman who is big on traditional holidays she likes to celebrate all holidays even though I don’t..

Muslim girl married to Hindu Boy

If a Muslim girl married to a Hindu Boy and living with him from 4 years while she regular pray Namaz and keep Roza. If she is allowed to do so..

Having both a Muslim-Christian wedding ceremony, is it forbidden?

I am a Christian woman marrying an Muslim man. We initially wanted to have 1 ceremony that his Imam would preside over first and then after that ceremony is over, my minister would take us through a Christian ceremony…

Is there a place for us?

I know he has been considering me deeply as he has broached the subject of conversion. I know this must be serious step because we have never talked about either religion to each other. However, converting is not for me. All the same, every day I see something else I like in this man, and everyday my feelings growing stronger for him.