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Having both a Muslim-Christian wedding ceremony, is it forbidden?


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I am a Christian woman marrying an Muslim man.  We initially wanted to have 1 ceremony that his Imam would preside over first and then after that ceremony is over, my minister would take us through a Christian ceremony.  His Imam says that is forbidden based on the quran and hadith by the prophet. I asked about having a separate Muslim ceremony the evening before and his Imam said that too is forbidden. Is that the case?  Thank you!


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  1. Salaams,

    For Muslims, the only recognized wedding ceremony is an Islamic one. No other type of ceremony would be considered valid for a Muslim. For that reason, it is absolutely necessary that an Islamic ceremony take place. If you and your husband-to-be have an Islamic ceremony with an Imam and all the other accoutrements, then at this point your marriage is finalized and there is no need for any other type of ceremony. For your husband to participate in a religious ceremony of any kind (whether it be a wedding, a baptism, a funeral etc) as a Muslim is forbidden. So no, you can't have an explicitly "Christian" wedding after you've married according to Islam.

    Is there a particular reason you're pushing for him to participate in a Christian wedding? Is it just the aspect of having a big, pretty dress and a nice reception? You can still have these in an Islamic ceremony. Keep in mind however, the dress should be reasonably modest- not skin tight with cleavage everywhere; and the party is going to be a little bit different due to the accomodations needed to comply with shariah (as in no dancing or alcohol etc) but it doesn't mean you still can't celebrate your big day.

    Or, are your reservations about feeling you need to make a vow in the name of Jesus? Or somehow consecrating the union according to your beliefs as Christian by a pastor you trust? You will need to understand that while these are your beliefs you have a right to, you will be practicing them alone. Your husband is not, in good conscience, going to engage in the Christian practices you find meaningful, including a marriage ceremony. If you find that these issues are going to be a dealbreaker for the wedding itself, then you may need to reconsider the relationship as a whole because they will continue to arise.

    -Amy Editor

  2. So why is it that in order for the Muslim & Christian to be together the Christians faith, beliefs, & practices aren't being recognized but yet compromised to bend more toward Islam! If marriage between the two is obviously permitted, where does the Christian practice began to fit in amongst the union of the Muslim & Christian ?

    • Aleisa, we Muslims do not compromise our religion. In particular, we worship God alone, and we do not accept any type of worship, ceremony or deed that is dedicated to other than God. That includes praying to or calling upon Jesus (peace be upon him), Mary, the Holy Ghost or the saints, or performing any act in their names. To compromise on this would be a rejection of our own faith.

      The wife in a Muslim/Christian marriage is free to practice her Christian faith. However, her husband will likely not engage in any Christian practices, and the children will be Muslim. If she does not agree to this then she should not marry a Muslim.

      Wael Editor

      • Wael, how is free to practice her faith when her faith requires a Christian ceremony??

        • Mary, does her faith in fact require a Christian ceremony? Show me where that is mentioned in the Bible. I am 100% sure that there is nothing in the Bible about being married by a Christian minister, or about the ceremony being performed in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, etc.

          But of course if any woman believes that such things are a necessary part of her faith, then she should not marry a Muslim man.


  3. Hi. I'm engaged to a Muslim man. He told me to plan a ceremony but he doesn't really want a reception. I'm Christian and already agreed to a Muslim wedding. I'm even wearing a Muslim dress. My thing is I've been researching for ideas for our wedding because I want my dad to give me away. I'm not quite sure and my fiance and I haven't really talked yet. I just want ideas and an insight to how things go so I can make sure everything is right.

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