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My parents’ past is preventing my marriage

I wish to get married but my parents’ past is coming in the way. What can I say to this guy’s mother to make her understand I’ll do my best to keep him and his family happy, as I never had a proper family of my own?

Just my story, a sad one but hopefully not forever.

I ran into your website and I would like to share my story. I am usually very reserved and I do not participate in blogs, social website and the like but I feel this community might listen and hopefully help. I would like to tell you my story which is about love and religion. I […]

Family culture clash, we want to get married!

Assalam alaykom wrb Hope you are doing fine by the grace of Allah swt, may Allah swt protect you and your family from All evil. I am going through a very diffcult situation, sometime I only see death as being the best option for my solution. I fell in love with a person who was […]

Going to hajj with my mom but I’m in debt to many companies

Ok so here is the deal. I’m about to go to hajj with my mom as a meharam I’m excited and all BUT I’m in debt! During my younger days I took on a lot of debt from different companies such as phone companies, tv, traffic tickets and all sorts of other nonsense.  I’m aware […]

Spouse cheating, guidance appreciated

Asalaam alaikum. I am a reverted muslimah, since Spring 2009 (before I was married). I was married to a good hearted muslim man the following year, alhamduliAllah. He comes from a good family, and he has a very caring nature mashaAllah. This is my 2nd marriage, but my first marriage in Islam.  My husband has […]

My husband is an alcoholic, gambler, smokes weed and keeps having sex with other women.

I m 35 and have been married for 9 yrs with 2 small kids. My husband gambles, drinks and then has sex with other women. He smokes weed. He also goes to nude bars. When I tell him to quit, he gets aggressive and becomes very abusive. We have not slept together for almost 2 […]

My Musllim Girlfriend left me because she is scared her parents won’t accept me.

Assalam Alaikum, My girlfriend of 2 years has left me because she is worried that her parents wouldn’t accept me into their family. I am mixed race Indian and British, was born in britain and raised as a christian, I reverted to Islam a while ago after reading the Quran and studying Islam. My Girlfriend […]

Istikhara for marriage

I have performed the Isktikhara namaaz several times now. The first time I had performed it, I had a very good feeling when I had woken up but I didn’t remember seeing a dream. The second time I performed it, as soon as I had woken up I had said the person’s name and felt […]

Is Travel Marriage Halal?

  Salam Alikum, I need to ask about the travel marriage if it is haram or halal. Now a days many people are doing travel marriages even for one week or so.   Please let me know if it is halal or haram. This will be more helpful if some one can bring any fatwa […]

husband cannot defend my rights in front of his family, he has no say of his own.

I am a 25 yr old girl married for 10 months. My problem is my habit of saying the truth and following principles. My husband shows care for me with his words. I show care for him with words and actions. My husband fulfils my wishes and demands, but when a matter of comparison comes […]