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Should I leave my good job / life for full-time Quran studies?

I may come back to nothing… On other hand, if I don’t take up the opportunity to study now I may regret deeply.

Where to Study More About Islam?

I want to study in Arabic speaking country. I don’t know about good Islamic schools, I would appreciate your suggestions.

Our brother has developed wrong ideas about Islam, how can we help him?

My brother read some anti-Islamic books and now he is believing them. He is becoming a secularist. We are deeply hurt. We are practicing Muslims, no one in our family has ever done this. How can we guide him?

Public schools vs. Islamic (private) schools in the USA

I see many people have these discussions about which is better to raise the kids? Public School or Private Islamic School.

Child born from married ex-girlfriend

One of my friend living in France had a problem. He had a sexual relationship with a girl and she ended up pregnant. The girl was cheating and she has some other lover too.

I want to learn about my religion

Aslaam Alikum, I would like some advise on what to do, I was born as a muslim but never new a lot about my religion, I knew the basics and always feared Allah …

Scared to marry for the third time

I am a female I have been married 2 times in my life but i am scared to marry 3rd time. First time i was forced into marriage did not like the guy or know him, i was unhappy 19 & young also i did not live with him it was 1 month of marriage but did not have sex with him. I did beg my parents not to do it, almost left home not to marry now my parents are blaming me why i havent stopped all this before. have i done wrong? & i tried to stop them.

Rejected by Muslim School Because of Dad

My daughter was not accepted in Islamic school (Kindergarten) because her dad is a non-muslim but willing to give her a muslim education. Is this supported by the religion?

My family does not practise Islam. How can I guide them?

My family is Muslim but non-religious. When I was 18, I met my husband and I researched Islam more and began to pray and fast. We married when I was 19. I am now 21 and I have just started to wear hijab, and my husband supports this alhamdulillah. I have two young children under the age of 2 and I wish for them to pray inshallah but how can my family be a positive influence if they do not pray or display a good example?