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Beauty is important or not?

I had discussed this with my friends. In their opinion physical features do not matter. But if they don’t why doesn’t garbage seem pretty?

Rejected – was it because of my looks or too into the deen?

He came to see me and the next day texted saying he doesn’t want to continue. Do you think it was about my looks?

Allah is angry on me – Help me out

My face color is dull now. My eyes have been fainted. My cheeks are so thick and rough. Allah is extremely angry on me. He is taking my looks back.

Am I wrong to reject a proposal based on what the man does for a living?

I am a 28yr old girl, single. In my student life I didn’t get into any relationship with any guy (even though I had people who were interested in me) because I know it is forbidden. Friends all around me got into such forbidden relations & are now married.

My parents rejected the boy I love because of his looks and financial status

I’m in love with this practising muslim boy but my parents would not accept him because they think he’s not good enough for me in terms of looks and his financial status. I’m truly in love with him and wish my parents would see that.

Do Looks Matter?

I am 21 years old female and I got married recently to a guy whom I didn’t know anything about but was a close person to the family. I was happy to marry him since he is a religious person and whose well known for his good manners and so and so…I think I really like him but the problem is I get the thoughts that I am not attracted to him.