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Anxiety about relations after marriage

I am worried about my first few times. I know I would be extremely excited and wouldn’t last long. Will she start hating me if i wouldn’t be able to fully satisfy her initially? I need some advice from ladies point of view.

Masturbation problem making me ashamed

Instead of committing zina I decided to masturbate…

He married someone else, now I’ve been committing zina with a married man

He got engaged without me knowing… We realised we still had feelings and committed zina. He wants to bring his wife to the UK and wants me to consider second marriage.

I need to marry because of fitna, but my parents won’t understand.

Why am I having this test? I cannot control myself anymore. I stop watching porno for a week, then in a day I watch more than 10 times until I feel so tired and dirty. I don’t know what to do. I pray, but it seems Allah does not accept my prayers. I always ask Him to make me forget about the porno, but nothing happens. From the other side, something inside my head tells me: Watching porno is better than you losing your virginity.

Muslim girl loving a non Muslim guy causing family conflicts.

We still have physical contact knowing it’s wrong. He loves me a lot and is willing to become Muslim. He wants to marry me also. And I would do anything to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him peacefully.

Is my friend still considered a virgin?

Does being touched sexually by another guy mean that she is not a virgin anymore even if she has not had sex with him?

Losing virginity in Islamic perspective.

What happens to a woman who do not bleed in the first time she had intercourse with her husband, can he accuse her of not being a virgin? How to know if the woman is a virgin or not if not based on the hymen? Does a woman who masturbated is considered as not a virgin? What are the ways for a woman to stop from masturbating? How to repent to Allah and never go back again in repeating the sin?