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Is it okay for a male to playfully slap the bottom of his teenage sister?

Is this type of touch between opposite-gendered siblings allowed in Islam? How much “skin touch” is allowed?

My father has been inappropriate with me?

Is he still my mahram? Should I tell the family?

My mother doesn’t want me to have a relationship with my foster brother

She thinks either I’m having some kind of a sordid affair with him and/or he’s grooming me for some ulterior motive! She also doesn’t believe that there is any kind of foster relationship between us and even if she did, in her eyes, it only changes the charges on me from zina to incest.

I want to stop these haram relations

I am feeling so guilty that I talk with na mehrams and then pray. I don’t want to marry them too.

Can they get married?

My friend fall in love with his step niece and both of them want to marry with each other.

Husband caters to step-son from previous marriage, who is not his

I think my husband is wrong to hint that I should work. I think that he shouldn’t still have to support an adult step-son. I think the step-son should realize that he cannot expect my husband to support him while he studies and that he should get a job and support himself as he is a grown man.

Can a 16 year old girl wear a t-shirt in front of her brother?

A brother and sister living in same room but sister wear t shirt in front of her 12 year old brother, both are true muslims and in normal case when she go out she do full hijab.

Is my step brother my mahram or not?

fter my marriage my husband divorced me due to that reason that why you talk to your brother. he said your brother is not your mahram. my question is, is my brother is my mahram or not? as we have same mother & if he is my mahram ymy husband give me that punishment?

No Mahram for Marriage ceremony

I met a muslim man and after quite some time we are ready to take that step towards marriage. There might be a problem at hand, where I am currently residing I have no mahram(s) that can be present at the day of the wedding.

Umrah, Hajj and Mahram

This is mahiuddin shams from saudi arabia, want to know, if we perform umrah in the month of shawwal or Dhul Qidah then is this compulsory to do Hajj this year?