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Is my step brother my mahram or not?

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my question is that my father died. after my father died i am only one as i have no brother n sister at all.

my mother married with her cousin and my 2 brothers were born. now our mother is same and father is different. we have drink the milk of same mother.

after my marriage my husband divorced me due to that reason that why you talk to your brother. he said your brother is not your mahram. my question is, is my brother is my mahram or not? as we have same mother & if he is my mahram ymy husband give me that punishment?

plzz answer me,





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  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Sister Nimra, it is clear that he is your foster brother as he was breast-fed by your mother. He is your Mahram and you are allowed to talk to him like any other Mahram.

    Your husband divorcing you is unreasonable and uncalled for. Make sure he had no other reason and he did not falsely use this as a reason for divorce.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  2. As salamu alaikum sister
    same mother n she suckled u 3 so they are prohibitated to marry u.Al-Quran(an Nisa4:23)-'prohibited for u (4 marriage) are foster mother.......,foster sister. even if ur mother was their foster mother(not their real mother)even then u r prohibitated from marrying ur step/foster brothers...{please tell ur husband to read quran chapter4(AN NISA)verses22-24 to have clear view who can n who cannot marry u}
    another thing to be considered if ur two brothers are suckled during the first two year they are prohibited to marry u,but if they r fed after maturity then they can marry u.but as u said u 3 share common mother n she suckled u all three in ur childhood so foster marriage are prohibitated like the lineage are
    Jazak ALLAH khairun

  3. Salam

    Sister you are not step siblings, you are half siblings and it is very important you distinguish between the two. Step siblings are non mahram because you share neither the mother or father where as half siblings you share one parent and this makes you siblings in Islam and it is forbidden to marry. As well as that, you are foster siblings so that also makes you mahram, but even if you hadn't drank the same milk you would still be mahram since you are half siblings, you have the same mother.

  4. Assalam'alaykum,

    Your husband has just done a juvenile decison. An unIslamic one indeed. It is possible that your husband wanted a divorce and so he just used this absurd false reason to divorce you. But if this is infact the main and only reason for the divorce then you can make him aware that your half brother is your mahram as you both are nursed by your mum. And show him the Qur'anic evidence posted above.
    If you happen to reconcile, I would advise you to stay away from your half brother for some time. It maybe that your ex-husband finds your half brother's behaviour wrong, suspicious,bad etc. Or it maybe that some people are releasing rumours or gossips or etc about you. Do not go and hug your halfbrother, do not kiss him on the forhead or cheek etc, do not get very close to him etc. Your husband might be immature, insecure and jealous, who knows. Therefore, try your best to stay away from suspicions and doubtful places, thus it might save your marriage whether this or another.

    • but now my divorce has done. he had already leave two wives other than me using this reason.
      i am v disturbed at all.
      i have no way to live. he spoil my life. he leaves me in the hand of cruel world.
      i dont know. what i do know.
      pl. advice me what i do now.
      my life ended.

  5. I think ypur husband was a Pakistani. His attitude is of a typical Pakistani man. Men from that country and other South Asian backgrounds do not like thier wives mixing with their own families.

    • Not every Pakistani is the same. We Pakistani men don't like our wives to talk to a Non-Mehram.
      We allow them to go to your mother's house, your brother's house. Talk to your real sister, parents, brothers on phone. We let them to go for shopping, to go to malls, go to go supermarkets. All we ask is to wear Abaya (a clothe to cover your body) or HIjab (a clothe to cover your head).
      We aren't those whom you are talking about. Here you are Disrespecting the my father, me, my Pakistani Muslim brothers.
      So please change get informed before giving information about anyone.
      And let me tell you what, you are one offensive person.

    • Hey , I just read your reply and it was very offensive to read as a Pakistani woman. You have no right to disrespect an entire nation just because you had a bad experience with one person. Secondly your reply was completely useless as it did not help the person asking the question at all.

  6. I think it was very unfair your husband divorced you because of your stepbrother he is mahram to you. I honestly think the divorce was so not on and should have not happen without a valid reason in which you have suffered he was very heartless and should be ashamed of himself. You should not have to provide anything the evidence is there seems to me he is uneducated soul and you deserve better. The one that can respect you and treat your family as equal as their own he should be ashamed of himself what injustice to you, may you get through this as a better person inshAllah.

  7. People do a lot of bad things, sometimes mistakenly and sometimes intentionally. What is past now, there is no need to think over it. Its been three years since your hardships started. I can only pray to Allah that he may reward you for your hardships. You already know that it was not your fault, for that your conscience should be clear. Hope time has already helped you to recover and build a good life for yourself.

    • Its been 10 years since this was posted.... let me tell you something sister, you don't need a man of all people for your life to be complete. I've hoped you remarried by now and if not, that just can happen. Live your life without any restraints but our islamic ones. Go travel with some family. See the world. If you're sitting at home, get a job, challenge yourself. Get out there and live your life. Don't watch other people take it from you.

  8. They are your mahrams. You drank the same milk and share the same mother.

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