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I got hepatitis B virus – any advice for marriage?

This was given to me by Allah’s plan then there must be a wisdom. So what step can I put next?

Unique/rare health condition – marriage/family stress

I wanted us to get married so I could be with him and take care of him and be his companion.

Advice about marriage and sickle cell

Medically it is not advisable for us to get married together. We are both scared not to have sickle cell kids in future.

Depressed because of PCOS

I always prayed to Allah that please don’t give me any such disease that would affect my fertility or my appearance.. but Allah didn’t accept my prayer and I think he hates me.

Khula due to husband hiding facts about himself

I under very distressing condition have taken khula from my husband as he hid his medical condition right from the start of the alliance.

Living with vitiligo

I saw it on a website that if I mix warm olive oil with rose water and read surah fatih 7 times on it.. the patches will disappear in sha Allah..

Help with sexual problem

[Editor’s note: This post relates to male difficulties with sexual function. Please keep responses within Islamic limits.]

dua for semen leakage in urine?

Is there any Islamic dua for overcoming the problem of semen leakage (dhaat) in the urine?