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Depressed because of PCOS

PCOS Awareness Infographic (PRNewsFoto/PCOS Challenge, Inc.)

PCOS Awareness Infographic (PRNewsFoto/PCOS Challenge, Inc.)

  1. Aslam i aleikum...i m a 17 yr old girl...i m so much depressed i was not living a happy but satisfied life that one day i would get all the happiness bcuz i ve suffered much in my child hood n early father was very bad he abused n beat us and my mother gor very little things one can't even imagine..but i believed in Allah n loved in Him n hoped that one day everything would be fine...

    but then i was diagnosed with was so heartbreaking.. although the doctors said that it isn't very severe.. but i fear that what would i do if i could not havr babies or what if it affects my appearence...i love babies n always dreamed of being a mother.. n i always prayed to Allah that plz don't givr me any such disease that would effect my fertility or my appearence..but Allah didn't accepted my prayer n i think he hates me thats why he didn't amswered my prayer...n this feeling is very heart wrenching that he does not love me..

    although i m not a good muslim as i don't offer my prayers n i m ashamed of it..but really i love Allah n  believe in Him...

    my appearence is still not affected n i m very thankful yo Him for that,but i fear what would i do if it happens...i really would die...plz help me i cry all the day n i can't pay attention to anythng i feel like its the end of the world...plz help me


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  1. Allah tests those he loves not the ones he hates, because of everything you've suffered you will get paradise inshAllah. But as far as the disease goes I'm sure it's a test from Allah to test your suffering see how much you can handle before Allah gives you everything you deserve 🙂

  2. Hello sister
    There is solution to you sister..
    Read verse no.2 sura Al-Mulk
    "Exalted is the one who created birth and death to test who is the performer of good deed"
    Sister Allah SBW created us to worship him. Before asking anything from Allah let's make sure we at least perform 5 times of Sarah without Kalash.
    Prophet of Allah said "Salah is the differentiator between muslim and non-muslim"
    Hence first thing is perform 5 times of Salah with no no no exception.

    Secondly keep asking for the forgiveness of Allah. "Allahumma Ghifurlee Zambee" repeat this every time especially after the Salah.

    Thirdly Say countless Duroodh on prophet of Allah. "Swallallahu ala Muhammad swallallahi alaihi wasallam"

    Finally get up early in morning and perform 2 Rakath of sunnah before subah salah. In that read surath "Alam nashra" in first raka and surath "alam thara" in 2nd raka.

    Sister not just pray Allah but strart talking to Allah. It's a policy of Allah that whoever sacrifices something for the pleasure of Allah, he replaces something better for them in dunya. Like he given yusuf (a.s). So talk to Allah that you are leaving such and such haram and ask him for for replacement in the form of props petite in your life.
    Always remember sister doctors and science only did named the diseases ut all are founded by Allah. The one who given child to Ibraheem (a.s) in his 90s. Hence nothing impossible sister, it's a matter of you winning the heart of Allah instead winning the heart of strange man and so called celebrity icons.

    Insha Allah I shall pray for you sister. Do follow these and come back with good news. For the authenticity of the record, I am student Islamic knowledge trying share little knowledge Allah blessed me with. Never depress in life bcs nobody knows what is tomorrow.

  3. Salam alaikum sister,

    Alhamdulilah that you are a strong young woman with a strong basic faith in Allah swt. Allah swt will always be listening and He loves you like the best parent, and this is the best mindset to face the world with. Never say that you are not a good Muslim, because you are much further than many others. You are on the beginning to the right path, inshAllah, and all you have to do is keep building on that basic faith in Allah in order to stay on the straight path.

    As said by the other commenter Ali, this PCOS is a great test for you. It is the greatest test, in fact. Allah swt says "know that your money and children are but a test for you." Many millions of good people in this umah cannot have children for reasons unknown, such as PCOS; and likewise there is a matching population of millions of orphans waiting and babies crying to be adopted...So do not dispair, there are always options. There is much sawab in adoption of orphans. Our Prophet Muhammad pbuh was an orphan once too, and just imagine the sawab given to his caregivers.

    You are in a very special and unique position to either ruin your life with hate and depression, or instantly win Janat with positivity and strength of faith. I am quite sure there are a few Islamic scholars who are secretly jealous of people in such a position as you find yourself. Infertility is one of the most important tests Allah has warned us of, and the Prophet Muhammad pbuh said: "Surely I know a verse (from the Quran) which, if people would have followed it, would have sufficed for them concerning everything (in life): "For those who fear Allah, He provides a way out for them (for everything, and) He also provides them provisions from (sources) that they could never have imagined." (65:2-3)

    Most importantly, "He creates what He wills. He bestows female (offspring) upon whom He wills, and bestows male (offspring) upon whom He wills. Or He bestows both males and females, and He renders barren whom He wills." (Quran 42: 50)

    It is not that Allah swt does not love you, it is that He has greater possibilities of sawab for you. It's like if you win a free shopping spree: would you want to take a small shopping cart or the largest shopping cart possible? Of course you want the largest cart to take home the most goodies! And so right now Allah swt is giving you the largest cart, to fill with more sawab than most other people.

    You can get through this depression, sister. It is not the end of your baby story. Keep praying and have faith. Remember the story of Ibrahim and Saraa, they had to wait until they were old with grey hairs before they had children. Remember Zakariyya and his wife, they too prayed for years and years with the most sincerest faith before Allah swt gave them children. You too can still have hope if you trust in Allah swt.

    Your sister,

  4. Your making it sound like the end of the world. I have it and I don't think about it I leave it to allah. Alhamdulah I'm healthy and i can adopt in the cuter if needed. It has affected my appearance also but I go for laser treatments so it's getting better.

    • I also have pcos and I'm currently pregnant with twins. I didn't take any kind of fertility treatment or drugs either. So, I agree with Lana* it isn't the end of the world. Plus, Allah swt gives children to whom ever He wills, because I was not expecting to get pregnant at all, especially not with twins.

      Take turmeric and cinnamon vitamins and that will help with balancing out your hormones! Which is what causes your weight gain or excess hair. Also, take folic vitamins for defects that may occur in the uterus. Another important thing is to exercise. Take care of yourself, give yourself beauty spa days.

      Most importantly, pray. It'll give you ease.

    • I knw its not the end of the world,it has not yet affected my appearence but i’m afraid wjat if it would,i ve just gained some weight but tha also does not make me look fat cuz before this i was skinny,but now i don’t look fat but a bit chubby n i don’t like that,plus tell me everyone here telling me to pray i knw praying is the best thing n i ve already beem doing that ever since i came to knw i ve had this disease n even before that i always prayed to Allah that plz always save me from such diseases,plus who will marry me once they knw i ve such a disease n if the answer is someone who loves me he will i want to tell u there is no human in this entire world who loves me or cares for me i’m all alone,not even my parents i discribed above how much phusically,mentally n abusive they ve all my life even when i was a child n still to this day, i ve severe depression n low self esteem bcuz of them i can’t face people because of them cuz i’m ashamed n i don’t knw what else to say anymore..

      • Assalaamualaikum

        Say, have you been consistent in terms of following all the obligations towards Allah for at least a month, I mean like very consistent, sister?

  5. Asalamaliekoum
    I would like to tell you that you are a beautiful and kind person. You should have faith in Allah and trust your position will change in time.
    First thing, you have to change the thinking that Allah hates you. You are loved by your Creator. Just remember that.
    Second, as a muslim, it is obligatory to pray to keep your faith intact. This act distinguishes the muslim from non muslims.
    Third, after prayer say Ya Allah Ya Salamu .. as much as you and make a dua for your cure of PCOS.
    Fourth, check your diet and eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Avoid Junk and fried foods despite the fact they are tempting.
    Fifth, do small exercises. This will bring you relief and also help you make your prayer much more focused.
    Sixth, Always Be kind to your parents. Their dua can do miracles.
    Seventh, be happy don't worry and smile.
    Take care

  6. Since no questioner reads or even cares about our answers, I'm going to stop replying to answers. Say that you've read it, if not thank you at least!

    I know it should be for the sake of Allah, but what's the purpose of answering wen people don't even read it. Is that what the Salaf used to do when somebody answered their questions. SubhanAllah! look at the world now.

  7. Salams sister,

    I'm a Nurse having PCOS is not an automatic infertile diagnosis. I worked at an OBGYN office for 3 years..Lots of patients I have seen became successfully pregnant. Make duaa..That feeling you are having is from Shaitan.keep making duaa inshallah..and inshallah when you are married and ready to try to have a baby..try the herb called Vitex...Vitex is a natural herb supplement that helps the female menstrual cycle..

  8. dear i m also suffering from this
    please help me
    nd remember me in your dua.
    i hope u understand my feelings
    don't be sad
    allah is always with us.

  9. I feel like I wrote this. You and I share a similar story kindly contact me. I guess both of us could use a sense of belonging and share. Ps stay strong.

    • AoA aymen i opened this web after a long time n so i saw your comment,i don't get notified n so i 'm sorry for my late reply. You asked me to contact you thats so sweet of u n i'm very grateful to u for this 🙂 , tell me how can i contact u? Secondly as far as pcos is concerned, you can excercise n maintain ur weight n diet although its tough to stay away frm junk but still minimize it slowly other than pcos junk is also not good for ur over all health,secondly i knw now a days people don't believe in homeopathy that much but believe me its far best than allopathy n can work wonders if given properly plus it has no side effects that allopathy have plus allopathy not in all cases may be but it can worsen the situation once u stop taking taking them but homeopathy if given by a doctor who has complete knowledge about it can give u such combinations of medicines that it can cure u completely may be not completely but to a great extend,if u live in pakistan here the knowledge about homeopathy is not so vast n research is not done in pakistan u can contact some indian doctor online because they have vast research in this field.

      • Hi i am going through the exact same thing as you. I know u commented this 2 years ago but was wondering if u can give any updates? How are u now? did the homepathy work? i am also doing homeopathy and hoping it works

      • AOA ESHAFATIMA can u plzz suggest Good Homeopathic doctor who can really Cure PCOS problem. Pakistani or Indian. I m from Pakistan n don't know any Good Homeopathic doctor who can actually treat PCOS. Plzz help me Thanks

  10. Aoa, my name is Ayesha. I am 25 years old and I am suffering from pcos since 8 years . I am trying for concieve a baby for 2 years but due to irregularity of periods and over weight of 82 kg it does not happened. Please sisters do prayer for me that ALLAH Pak forgive me and bless me a healthy child. If anyone of you know any dua which can cure my disease. Then please do mention it.
    Jazak-ALLAH Khair

  11. sister me too is suffering from hirsutism..but i dont care about the world.since Allah proves Allah loves that's happier then anything else.

  12. Assalamulaikum I m 26 year old I married girl I m suffering from pics during last 6 mnth treatment going on how to come over it don’t know plzz help me for the sake of Allah

  13. Sister Allah loves everyone!
    He tests us, he don’t test the ones he hates..
    Allah will cure you InshaAllah! Don’t worry

  14. Try siddhevedam ayurvedic medicine it is really effective

  15. I'm also suffering from irregular periods
    It comes with the gap of 3 months & lasts for about more than 1 month which leads to anemia & it didn't stop without medical care. (many injections, medicines and what not)
    I too loose hope everytime when I go through this.
    & gain hope when I recover
    I'm genuinely concerned about my future
    I mean i think a lot about it
    I feel like dying but then drop that idea
    Treatment that I have gone through is Alopathy, homeopathy & ayurveda also but nothing happen
    Now I'm depressed and dont know what
    Is there any dua to get rid of this pcos?
    Actually everytime I pray I ask Allah for regular menstrual cycle but he doesn't listens me.

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