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Need dua’ please for successful in vitro fertilisation(4)

January 3, 2021

Kindly give us a dua for a successful IVF for pregnancy. The test is due in a few days.

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I have a small female reproductive system. Please help!

Can you please tell me a wazifa to help for a small uterus and ovaries?

Infertile widower about to remarry

Should I tell my new wife that I am infertile before marriage? She is gonna find out anyway, and I also fear that she will react negatively about that, because I have read lots of forums from annoyed wives whose husbands are infertile, and in a few cases some wives have even divorced their husbands because they were infertile.

Hiding Infertility Before Marriage

My husband intentionally hid his infertility. If I stay with him will this be a big regret of me?

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