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I want to Marry an already married Girl/woman


Dear Experts and Readers

Asallam o Alaikum

I may have been using the wrong path or may be i am right but on this point i need an opinion and the help from the experts on this topic according to Shariah.

My Question:

I am an unmarried adult of 31 years. And i have fallen for a married girl and she is alao in love with me.she has no children because of the problem with a husband that he is physically not capable of having kids. And  not by any other means also(eg test tube babies etc).He dont even support her financially.she is not happy with her husband and dont want to live with him. Because of the many problems she faced in the last 5 or 6 years of her married life.

As i told above She is in love with me and i also want to marry her by any means. The only thing she is afraid of is the Bad'duah of her husband.that what if he gave her a bad'duah or what if the ALLAH's wrath came upon her after getting divorced.

Please tell me the best possible solution are these reasons good enough to get divorced. Or thats it.. she has to live with what she have?or is there any option availible which allows her to choose may b something else for her?

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated

Thank you

Jazak Allah


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  1. It is haraam for a Muslim man to send a marriage proposal to married woman .There are hadiths which talks about it .What you are doing is wrong and you should immediately stop all communication with her .She is doing wrong by forming haraam relationship with you .Her problems let her solve by herself and you are not supposed to interfere . Would you like if this woman does the same act of cheating after marrying you and finding any issues in marriage .If she cant respect the institution of marriage definately she will not in future also .All these are not love but just lust and physical attraction .You just move out of her life and repent to Allah .

  2. My friend the devil comes in many disguises ..You should be afraid of Allah because you and her are committing major sin....She is married regardless of situation.....she has obligations if she wanted to she can adopt children on the other hand...if she wasnt happy because of spousal abuse mental abuse....then she can divorce him...but if it's a sexual thing?...Astagfirullah her Iman and yours is weak. Desires run through the veins....we are not here for party or screwing around like monkies....we are created for worship of Allah swt. This body is a trust from Allah and we will be questioned about it.....So use your head not your ...!

  3. Abc and raul are spot on. Take their advice. Nothing more needs to be said. If u fear Allah, u should stop. If she fears Allah she wouldn't be communicating in a haraam relationship behind her husbands back

  4. Salaam Brother,

    First of all the foundation of your situation is based on haraam. You have flirted and became close to a married woman and have loved a married woman and have given her the hope that you will marry her inspite of she being already married.

    Regardless of the situation she is in her married life. You have committed big sin by having an affair with a married woman.

    First of all you need to break of all contact with her and stop doing haram.

    It is better if you go and ask a person with more knowledge about Islam on how to deal with this situation.

    May Allah guide you.

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