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Hiding Infertility Before Marriage

Male infertility disorder

My Husband intentionally hides about his infertility problem (Cryptorchidism) before Marriage as he know very well about his infertility. Now what should i do, what Islam says about this as i am very much stressed some time but i still love my husband because we engaged more than 6 years. If i want to stay with him. This is wrong or not what is the Islamic views? and If i stayed with him is this will be a big regret of me in future life?


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  1. Dearest Sister,

    Assalamualaikum! Indeed it was wrong for your husband to hide such a big thing from you. May Allah give him shifaah and cure him, so that you stay united as a couple.

    So here are your options, you can either divorce him (which is permissible because he kept something from you that will not allow you to have offspring - Allah-u-alaam because miracles do happen). Or the most recommended, you stay married to him and see if Allah grants you children in a miraculous way. If it is not a genetic issue, he can get treatment. Inshallah.

    I am not fully aware of the syndrome; however, can you consider other options like fostering or adopting a child or artificial insemination (with your husband's sperm)? Remember that the reward for adopting a child is immense.

    In the end, you should not have any regrets staying married to him. If you love him, then please consider staying. What if you had an issue? Would you like if your husband left you for such a problem?

    May Allah guide you to make the right decision. Making dua'as for you, dear sister. May Allah make things easy for you. Ameen.

  2. Islamically speaking, you have every right to divorce your husband. So it's up to you if you want to do it or not. No one can tell you if you will regret staying with him, only you can answer that question. If your happiness is dependent on having biological children, then yes, most likely you will regret staying with an infertile man.

  3. Have you tried to go for IVF treatment? My Friends sister tried to have baby for 11 years, she went through IVF etc and on the 11 th year of marriage she had a baby naturally! So don’t lose hope. Many couples don’t have children and are happy

  4. Salam drak,

    You can divorce him. If you are young and can get a better husband then go ahead. The issue here is less that he is infertile and more that he lied about it. I recommend a divorce as this is a trust issue.

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