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I got hepatitis B virus – any advice for marriage?

I am 21 years old and I have Hepatitis B virus. But alhamdulillah my liver is healthy I am just carrier of it. There are brothers who offered marriage many times. Whenever I felt this person is a good Muslim, can be a good husband, practices Islam, fears Allah, has knowledge. I then told them about my virus then they all started to refuse. This virus is given me by Allah then there must be a wisdom Alhamdulillah. So what step can I put next? Just some advice would be great for my case!


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  1. I think, if you get married, your spouse should get vaccinated with Hepatitis B before you get intimate. Do Talk with your doctor about getting married.

  2. Assalaamualaikum

    I applaud your faith and patience in enduring this test. May Allah reward you and ease your burden.

    It can be scary for anyone (brother or sister) to consider marrying someone with a chronic illness, especially one which might be transmissible. But, this doesn't mean you don't deserve marriage or that you won't find someone - people with chronic health problems can and do get married and have families. What might help is to ensure you're in a position to provide people with education about your illness - once people understand something, it usually seems much less scary.

    So, prepare yourself. Get hold of information leaflets, recent research articles, support group details, anything you can find that reliably educates people about hepatitis B. There are vaccinations available to prevent people being vulnerable to catching the virus, and there are treatments available to inshaAllah eradicate acute infection and reduce the risk of passing on the virus if it becomes chronic (speaking of which, it might be worth asking your doctor if you're a candidate for these, if you haven't already had them). There are also precautions which can be taken during pregnancy in order to make it as safe as possible for mother and baby.

    You might also want to think about how to bring up the subject. For many people, finding out a potential spouse has a chronic illness is a very difficult thing, so maybe break it down into smaller chunks of information so that they have time to process it. For example, you might ask some more hypothetical type questions about how someone would feel if a family member were to become ill or have a chronic illness; then mention that you have a chronic health problem (and explain how it impacts on your life and your faith, and how you cope with this); then tell them the basics about your condition and give them information about it. Tell them that you understand it's a significant thing to process, and give them time to think about it - they might find it helpful to go home and think of any questions they have, and then come to another meeting with you and discuss their thoughts and worries. Maybe ask a relative to practice this with you in preparation - they could pretend to be the potential spouse, and you could practice it in different ways and get them to respond in different ways so that you feel more prepared for any reaction when you do it in real life.

    Having a chronic illness may make it harder to find a spouse, but inshaAllah once you find the right man, it will be worth it, as inshaAllah you will have a husband who will stand beside you through any challenges ahead. Keep making dua and keep looking!

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. as selqm aleikum rahamtullah i have ol so Hepatiti B from 11 years a go, Eniwai im Genoveva Sotirova konwert muslim from Bulgaria i wos in masjid in mi cuntre and imam say go far you ar sike . Elhamdulilh i find this answere, Eniwai mi situation its same bud the problem its mani years doktors dont give me medicin to stop this, I need you dua just to find medicin i live in poor famili and mi situation its weri hard . Bud i wil glad to reseiv you spiritual help

  4. Thank you so much for all these advice. I really appreciate

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