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My Parents Are Forcing Me To Move To Pakistan

They’re going to force an arranged marriage on me and now they want to force me to more to Pakistan.

Answer of istakhara

I want to know the answer of istakhara that I requested my aunty. She is very religious woman.

I want to move houses

I hate the place I am living in because there’s nothing to do.

Should I leave my daughter in the UK and go with my husband to Pakistan?

My husband’s Visa has ran out and he is my carer and social services refuse me help. I will not have anyone if he goes, my family are busy and too ill to help and I have M.E. a serious condition. I can only walk ten minutes outside home.

Wife wants to move out

Hello, I have been married for 2 years. It has been great with me living with my parents, sisters and everyone has a great relationship. My sisters adore my wife and so do my parents. Also the chores in the house are not the sole responsibility of my wife like in traditional Pakistani families. Basically she has a good life here and not strained or any hardships. However she does not include herself with the family, mainly my parents and is always in our room for majority of the day, only coming down to eat and watch tv after my parents have gone upstairs.

Moving forward after leaving abusive husband

How can I tell the program I’m in that my location has been compromised by me after all their assistance? How could I have done this to my children?