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My wife hates me, what shall I do?

I am wondering can any one can give me the correct advice acording to the quran and sunnah in relation to a few issues I am having in my marriage. Firstly, I would like to say that: 1) What does one do when ones wife says to her husband that she hates him, …

My mother in law controls my husband

She always wanna now how much money he have or if me and him have an argue she always wanna tell him what to do or call me and tell me. “he is my boy and I know him, so is up to you to make this relationship work. When she says that I don´t know what to say…

I want to forget a negative feelings from istikhara

Everything started me doing an Istikhara for marriage for me and my boyfriend. I don´t know why I did actually I shoudn´t have done. I did istikhara with Quran and tasbih which I found on a net site of al-islam….

I feel hatred for my husband for no reason

Anyway, here is my story. I love my husband SOOO much. He is my first love and marriage but sometimes I hate him for no reason. I don’t want to see his face at all….

I can’t carry on in this loveless marriage

I need some guidance. I was a orphan child and my aunty brought me up and at the age of 16 she wanted me to marry her brother’s son. I wasn’t happy about it and she emotionally blackmailed me and took me to Pakistan .