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Doubts and negative thoughts

Sometimes I feel like ending up my life but I’m very afraid to do it as I knew the severe punishment of suicide in the hereafter.

Getting bad thoughts about Allah

i am 14 years old, my problem is i get terrible thoughts about Allah

How can I overcome these thoughts?

Whenever I try to do something for the sake of Allah, I get a feeling or thought that makes me think or feel that what I did is for show off.

How to stop fearing the future?

I don’t even allow myself temporary happiness or appreciate the blessings that God might be giving me because I wait for something to go wrong because I feel like that’s how its going to be if I become religious -I have to deal with continuous difficulties.

I Don’t Want to Live

I’m becoming weak, my faith in God is decreasing every day. I love God, but why does he make us live this life? What is so great about this lifee?!!! Everytime something good comes in life, something happens to mess everything up! I just want to scream! I want to cry all the timee. Everything good comes to an enddd, nothing is forever. If we’re going to die eventually why can’t we die now! Everyone is so sad with their lives!

Please, help me to avoid negative thoughts and acts.

I am 26 year old male unmarried, I have committed a sin. I have a negative attitude towards my maid servant. Today I hugged and kissed her which is not legal but …

Bad thoughts about Allah

I try to believe in Allah and try to build my iman, but sometimes bad thoughts come in my mind about Allah.