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Marriage and divorce

I am really confused, I am not happy in my marriage and it’s affecting me mentally… I have started to feel like that “I don’t love him anymore.”

Problems in marital relationship

My question is am I doing sin if I refuse sexual relationship as otherwise I have to choose option of divorce which is not good for kids’ future.

Coping after divorce

I wanted to continue working on the marriage so it’s really difficult for me to accept it ended, despite how bad it was and how bad it got, I still wanted to try my best.

Wife avoiding affection and sexual relation

I tried all the methods to make her love me, but all in vain. Don’t want to divorce her because of kids and I also want to have a loving relationship with her.

I don’t like my husband; how to end this misery?

I have been married for more than 2 years. my husband has erectile dysfunction for which he takes medication. although he is a good man with occasional bad habits like burping loud and passing wind infrnt of me i do not like him let alone love him.

Wife does not seem interested in anything about my happiness

She doesnt seem interested in making me happy in any sort of way, i DO EVRYTHING FOR HER, buy her whatever clothes, food, she needs, any earrings and all woman stuff she gets when she needs, we eat out 3/4 times a week when she wants. I mean i alwayz show her affection, hug her, kiss her etc, hold her hand etc, provide EVERYTHING, making sure she has clothes 2 wear, shoes 2 wear, foot to eat and everything else that is expected from a husband.
In return she doesnt seem bothered with making me happy or doing anything to make me happy, she jus seems concerned about herself

I can’t carry on in this loveless marriage

I need some guidance. I was a orphan child and my aunty brought me up and at the age of 16 she wanted me to marry her brother’s son. I wasn’t happy about it and she emotionally blackmailed me and took me to Pakistan .