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When I hear laa ilaaha illallah…

… it creeps me out. I’m afraid that Allah is being mad at me.

Drifting away from deen/Allah

I am angry, I am lonely… it is hard when everyone who sins is getting married and I am just waiting.

Out of my control

I have seemed to reach a point of hopelessness. For the first time in my life, I have stopped praying INTENTIONALLY. With no good reason apart from the fact that I am ashamed to pray to allah.

I have fear about five time prayers

I don’t offer prayer but whenever I think about offering five times prayer, I feel strange kind of fear in my heart.

I need help to manage prayer with masturbation

Sometimes I get fedup and pray without shower or lie to my mom that i have prayed. I asked over internet and got “I should marry”! This is rubbish and illegal for me. Fasting is also not an option.

If you neither pray nor cover are you Muslim?

Are you still a muslim if you don’t pray or wear the hijab at all?

My husband does un-Islamic things, while I fear Allah

i need help and advice regarding my partner. we married in jan 2003. since then i have a 5 yr old and 5 mth old. i want to raise my children islamically. im finding that my other half is doing un-islamic things like not agreeing to send my son to learn quran, always putting tv on, putting music on in the home, not praying.

all this astaghfirullah i didnt notice until i got pregnant with my daughter. i started to practice my deen more, but he started to come home late, he got married to another woman without telling me.