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I need help to manage prayer with masturbation

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I'm 17 nearly 18, male and I need HELP to manage these two things. It seems impossible for me to manage prayer with masturbation because ghusl (janabat) is required for any prayer (salah) to be accepted. I masturbate and my mom keep saying to pray not knowing that I'm impure and I need a ghusl, . I tried saying "I need a shower" but she didn't understand and didn't care and now she wants me to pray without doing ghusl. Now you tell how can I pray without ghusl ??

Also note, I go to gym, my height is 6 ft and i think soo still growing. I m also in my college's kick boxing and boxing club (team). Soo i take these mega mass and whey pro suppliment (protien shakes) have to eat aleast 8 boiled egg white and much more to keep my body running and testosterone level above average, if you go to gym u will understand, they r really important for any sportsmen .

The problem is that at night while sleeping i get alot horny(i dont watch porn hate porn)..still and can't sleep untill i masturbate if i controll i wakeup midnite feeling even more horny if this will not happen wet dreams will happen for sure, this is mostly the story of every night.

Now at fajr time it is soo cold, i m too lazy to take a shower my mom keep saying me to wakeup and pray, sometime i get fedup and do wudu and pray without shower or lie to my mom that i have prayed.

I ask my gym coach about it and he said me to have sex, he is non muslim its easy for him to say,

I know zina is a big sin..

Thats why here is another question should I keep on masturbating as it will save me from doing a bigger sin like zina?

What can u guys advise me.. please make it usefull as i asked over internet and end up like, "I should marry"! This is rubbish, [expletive deleted] and illegal for me.. ending up nowhere, fasting is also not an option here..

Thankyou salam..

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  1. Salam,

    Not sure if I can help you with the specifics of your issue, but just talking about praying fajr on time...

    There are many reasons why one may need to do ghusl early in the morning. Men and women, married and not, both have their reasons and issues that come up on a regular basis. So, you just need to tell your mother that there are "Islamic reasons" why you need to take a shower, and can she please respect that. I don't think you need to go into detail as the reason could also be a wet dream, which she should understand. Then just go and take a quick shower. It does not have to be a long shower, just a quick one in which you perform the required steps so you can pray on time. Personally I have a son who is 19 and I don't think it would even be possible to "prevent" him from taking a shower once he is in the bathroom. If you are "too lazy" to take a shower, then this is something you have to work on. But this is not something unique to you alone. We all have to take early showers at times if we want to pray on time, and when this happens, it is just a matter of how motivated you are.

    • Thank you appreciate your time

      • HI dude,how're u doing ? so what consider your question,i really had a lot of confusion abot the same thing before.but with a research at the interenet i found that what we call ''ALJANABAH'' isn't about making masturbation or when we make sex with our wives.ALJANABAH means ,when we're durty and not proper in our hand or skin,with some kind of jobsthis the truth not as they tolds usdon't harm yourself with this dudi'm a muslim from Morocco,and i know what i mean.

  2. Assalamu'alaikum brother,

    Your mother does not know you masturbate and she has positive thoughts about you. This is why she does not understand what you exactly mean by shower.

    Brother, finding excuses for masturbation is not the solution. If shaitaan calls you to it, it is upon you to try and control. Say "A'oodu billahi min ash Shaitan ar Rajeem" and supplucate the daily adhkaar.

    Having wet dreams is not an excuse...wet dreams are natural and not by choice so you need not find an alternative in masturbation.

    Following what your heart says, acting upon your desires will lead you nowhere but towards destruction. Remember that the Hell is covered with desires and Paradise is covered with hardships. You choose where to go by acting accordingly. It is meant to be difficult to control, but it is not impossible. People with addiction to masturbation have successfully come over it.

    Your gym trainer was not wrong from one angle. The only difference is that I would advise you to get married.

    Salah is obligatory on every Muslim, whatever state he is in. If he is impure and can't find water or fears that using water will harm his health (cold water in the middle of a cold night) he must perform tayammum and offer salah.

    To be honest, masturbation is disgusting, people play with themselves and there is no good in this. In fact, there is only harm; it takes you away from Allah, from your worship.

    You work for the strength of your body in the gym
    Now work for the strength of your soul through the deen, through knowledge and action, through self control. And know that it is not easy and may not happen over night. You will need self determination and fear of Allah and His Help (through du'as). Do this and help yourself out of it and may Allah Help you in accomplishing it.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • InshaAllah i am trying my best,
      I can do anything without the help of Allah, wish he makes it easy for me to controll..
      Thank you appreciate your time!

      • As salam o alaikum ,
        I am also in this habit is in me also,but I m keeping control on my self it is 12th day of mine science I m not indulged in it, I am also like u I did this wrong thing till one year,bcoz of my friend I didnot know this is bad, and also a habit. Remember one thing my frnd gave me suggestion bcoz of that I m not listening my heart.when u want to do think of first night of ur grave and the judgement your condition will be and try doing good things make ur self busy and when u want to do this wrong thing just go urine and your harmony will become controllable. May Allah help you and me also and try to drink water a lot and vegetables it gives you self it was my responsibility to tell you this and it is your responsibility to stop it. Don't betray Allah bcause Allah doesnt like betrayers and maybe don't forgive them

        So bro good luck .til itme u don't keep control on yourself u can't stop it

        • Assalam o alaikum brother.
          Thanks for your advice and steps to control it. Many people specially the younger generation is indulged in masturbation. This post of your will Insa Allah help a lot of them.

      • You actually can do nothing without the help of Allah, every single thing you do is by his help. I was in your situation so I know how to overcome it. These points might help you in shaa Allah.

        •Do A lot of good deeds, the more good deeds you do the easier for you it is to fear Allah, pray, and even easier for you to stop your desires.

        • Everytime you feel like masturbating.. Make wudu and pray 2 rakat and shaitan will get away from you and therefore you will not feel horny.

        •On the day of judgement when the distance between our heads and sun will be an arm length some kinds of people will be protected under the shade of Allah's throne and one kind of those people are the ones grew up worshipping Allah instead of following their desires.

        •Stay in state of wudu as much as you can, as soon as you break your wudu by any process besides matutbating make wudu again.

        • Don't be free, occupy yourself. In the night when you get horny make wudu and read Quran (Surat al mulk) which will save you from punishment of the grave, and you don't know if you're gonna wake up the next morning so read Surat al mulk every night before sleeping.

        To be honest I only was able to overcome it when made dua'a to Allah that he helps me overcome my desire and focus on worshipping him.

        Hope it was benficial
        Assalam alykom

      • hey bro u should correct the senrence (i can,t do anything without the hepl of allah)

      • Please correct your word from: I can do anything without the help of Allah to I can not do anything without the help of Allah

      • You can do anything without the help of Allah?

    • Asalamu Alaikum, I am just also as him but I find time to perform janabbah and perform all my daily prayers on time. But the only thing I find difficult is leaving masturbation.
      I really need your point of view
      Pls help

  3. 1)Marriage is not an option for you in a next few years.
    2)Comitting Zina is out of question.
    3) You will keep on experiencing intense desire untill a next few years.
    4) Remember that at this age,you dont specifically need 'porn' to put ur desires on fire.TV and movies will also do the job pretty well.That is why lowering ur gaze is the sole survival.
    5) Masturbation is utter destruction of your spirtual self.
    6) Fasting alone will not do the job for you.
    7) If you are weak in establishing five daily prayers then forget about leaving masturbation.
    8) Quran is everything.Read it and understand it from wherever you like.
    If you cant tune urself to "practice" point 7 & 8,then life ahead of you is difficult man.It's only going to get tougher and messier.Pull up ur socks.

    • Bro i really dont watch Much Tv, i Dont get tym i stay soo busy
      still thanxx anyways 😀

    • On 8. You need to choose your words more wisely. Even tho it's bad that he doesn't have his 5 prayers established, telling him that he should just forget about quitting masturbating is wrong. Why would you make the brother feel as if it wouldn't make a difference if he stopped masturbating or not. The less sins the better.

  4. Assalaamualaikam

    I think one of the problems is that you are trying to manage prayer with something else. Prayer isn't optional; it is one of the most fundamental requirements of our faith. Rather than thinking of it as something to fit in with other things in your life, try to prioritise it. Many people will prefer to take a shower before fajr if they have been sleeping - like them, you'll need to get up in time to get ready. Just like you wouldn't go to your gym wearing your pyjamas, you should get appropriately prepared before prayer. There's really no excuse not to do wudu or ghusl - it takes a matter of minutes.

    With regards masturbation and sexual urges, it's natural that you have these desires, but it's important to keep them in check. While keeping fit is important for a healthy lifestyle, it is possible that the level of training you are doing and the supplements you are taking might be making these urges worse - a high testosterone level can be associated with increased sexual desire. Also, if you are ever offered steroids, please refuse to take them - they can cause chaos with your body's natural hormone balance, and can have all kinds of unpleasant side effects.

    As you have said, zina isn't something you want to even consider as an option. People can and do get married young, but in the West in particular it isn't common for people to marry while still at school, so I can appreciate that this may not be a practical solution for you just now - what you could do, though, is start thinking about when you want to marry and what you need to do to be in a position to marry - that way, when the time comes that you feel ready, you've already started preparations.

    Fasting can really help people to regain control over their libidos, and has other physical and spiritual benefits as well. However, fasting without appreciating the reasons for doing so or the spiritual importance of it, is really just being hungry. When we fast, it is a conscious action taken in the context of our faith and in accordance with the actions of The Prophet (peace be upon him). So, when you fast, you should be focusing on developing your faith rather than your muscles - just as we need to exercise our bodies, we need to exercise and develop our spiritual health. Even the strictest (healthy) fitness regimes have "rest days" so you could look at trying to fast on those days.

    Alhamdulillah you aren't using porn. But sexual urges can be affected by other things in daily life, for example: TV shows and movies (explicit content, showing romance and inappropriate relationships), music videos (extremely inappropriately dressed dancers and "singers"), "popular" music (it's very easy to find lyrics that advocate the degradation and exploitation of women), mixed social activities such as dances or parties... If you find something is making your urges worse, then take steps to avoid that. Fill your time with Islamically appropriate activities and inshaAllah you will have less time for such things. Why not attend your local mosque or community centre more often, or start taking Islamic study classes?

    Midnightmoon editor

    • I try to Attend, quite far away from my house, InshaAllah as soon as i get my car i will
      thank you for your tym and i dont take steroids i know abt them
      thankyou bro

  5. AsSalaamu Alaikum Brother,

    The issue of masturbation has been discussed from different angles. Some say it's completely haram, some say it's makruh and others say it's mubah.

    In your case, it seems you fall into the line of those who see it as mubah, since you didn't express anything against the habit.

    As some scholars fight the habit from the haram angle, others fight it from the mubah or makruh angle.

    In any case, you should know that Taqwa is of three stages (according to the Scholars):

    1- To abstain from prohibited habits (haram).
    2- To abstain from disliked habits (makruh)
    3- To abstain from many of permissible habits (mubah) or from suspicious habits (Shubhat), lest you fall into haram.

    According to many of the stories from the people who complain about masturbation, we have seen that mostly masturbation leads to haram, such as viewing haram materials, preventing one from ibadah or from achieving one's goals in life... Due to that, the Scholars of Zuhd (Asceticism) and Wara'i (Devoutness) have agreed on abstaining from any habit that leads to falling into haram, regardless of whether the habit is in it of itself mubah. As Sayyiduna Abu Dardai (r.a) said, "The complete Taqwa, is for the servant to fear Allah in an atom's weight of acts, till he leaves what he sees as halal, lest it becomes haram (or leads to haram)."

    We should always work towards achieving higher stages in Taqwa, as Allah (swt) says, "...But the clothing of piety (Taqwa)—that is best..." (Quran 7: 26)

    When the heart is full of Taqwa, it sees and feels with the light of Yaqeen, which leads the Soul to realize the reality of Dunya and Akhirah. When the Soul realizes the reality of Dunya and Akhirah, it hates Dunya and its adornments, and then loves Allah and the beautiful eternal life in Akhirah even more and more. Allah (swt) says, "...But those who believe have greater love for Allah..." (Quran 2: 165)

    So my Brother, give up on masturbation (even if it would be by gradual level), and then work on building your level of Taqwa to attain the light of Yaqeen in your heart. For there is really a better life for us in Akhirah. Allah (swt) says, "The life of this world is nothing but diversion and play, and the Home of the Hereafter is the Life, if they only knew." (Quran 29: 64)

    • your reply is really helpfull bro can u explain me mubah and all please 🙂
      thank you

      • 1- "Wajib" is what Allah Has commanded you to do, which is compulsory. And you either get rewarded for obeying, or get punished for disobeying.

        2- "Mandub" is what Allah Has commanded you to do, but not compulsory. Though, you don't get punished for not doing it, but you get rewarded for doing it.

        3- "Haram or Muharram" is what Allah Has commanded you to refrain from, which is compulsory. You either get rewarded for obeying, or get punished for disobeying.

        4- "Makruh" is what Allah has commanded you to refrain from, but not compulsory. You get rewarded for refraining from the deed, but you do not get punished for not refraining from it.

        5- "Mubah" is anything permissible which is neither wajib nor muharram in itself. You neither get rewarded for doing it nor punished for refraining from it, except in the case where it becomes a mean for any of the above deeds (wajib/mandub/muharram/makruh).

        6- "Shubhah" is a deed, which the ruling regarding it, is not as clear as the five above. It is usually a source of disagreement between the scholars of Shari'a.

        Hope you have been answered, inshaAllah.

        • Wow, thanx alot bro i never knew such things, its soo helpfull best thing over here..
          Okay what you trying to say is masturbation is mubah if i dont letany of the wajib thing come in between..?
          I really luv it when i learn something new in islam, its soo kind of you to make time and writethis all thanx
          What i just know is i m Muslim and sunni dont knw other stuff than this by terms which scholars to follow nd all

          • Actually, I just noticed this part from your first post "...should I keep on masturbating as it will save me from doing a bigger sin like zina?"


            Looking through the field of Shari'a (Islamic law), Masturbation appears to be mubah in it of itself, since there hasn't been any clear evidence on its prohibition (even though some scholars saw it as haram in it of itself, but the evidences given were in fact, not clear, as it cannot even be counted as shubhah).

            According to the shari'a principles, the prohibition of masturbation will depend on individuals. For example, if it leads to/involves any of the muharram deeds or prevents one from achieving any of the wajib deeds, then it becomes haram in the case of that person.

            However, the scholars of zuhd see that if many of the mubah deeds (like food, sex, masturbation, working out etc), do not involve anything you need in Akhirah, then it's best to abstain from that through patience and shyness from Allah. For example, you should eat only the needed food that will make you healthier enough to worship Allah, and abstain from more than what you need. You should workout to become stronger enough to worship Allah, and abstain from showing off.

            However, in another side of zuhd (which is wara'i- abstaining), it is preferable to abstain from many of mubah, lest it leads to bad habits or to haraam. For example, if eating certain types of mubah foods may increase your sexual desires, and you are not the type that can control yourself, then it's preferable to abstain from such foods.

            In your case, masturbation doesn't seem to be a mean to haram for you, since you expressed that you hate porn and do not watch it. So what you need to do is to examine yourself, and see whether most of your times are devoted to worship of Allah (such as, salah, zikr, reading the Holy Quran and hadiths, praying extra prayers at nights etc), or are devoted to masturbation.

            If most of your times, are devoted to the worship of Allah, then you are at the safe side, inshaAllah. However, if most of your times are devoted to masturbation, then it would be better to quit masturbation, or at least reduce it and replace most of its places with something that will gain you rewards from Allah (such as zikr and reading the Holy Quran and hadiths during the day, and praying extra-night prayers at least one or two hours before fajr salah, in addition to learning much about your deen during most of your free times).

            The scholars of shari'a abstain from haram out of fear of Allah, whereas the scholars of zuhd abstain from many of mubah out of love for Allah.

            Abu Sulaiman Ad-Darani (r.a) said, "No one can be patient about desires of Dunya, except he whose heart is filled up with something that always makes him busy with Akhirah"

            Shiekh Ibn Taymiyyah (r.a) said, "The servant shouldn't do anything of the mubah, except what will assist him in being obedient to Allah."

            Ibn Rajab (r.a) said, "Whoever takes mubah from the Dunya and fulfilled its obligatory, and then took more than his need, just for enjoyment in Dunya, there won't be any punishment for him, except that his rank will be decreased on the day of al-Qiyamah, as equivalent to the amount of extra enjoyment he had in Dunya."

        • Bro i am soo happy that ppl like you are here on this website.. 🙂
          May Allah bless you, as you make me a better muslim, like the things
          You say are like gold to me . Got tension off my head.
          Otherwise mostly i get dissapointed over here but you just made me relieved..
          I dont watch porn, i hate it find it waste of tymm truly..
          I will try my best to not get any wajib thing inbetween from now..
          Not that i will masturbate i know its not good..
          But i use too feel soo bad even b4 ppl everywhere saying me i will go to hell bc of it nd all they made me feel that Islam is hard show me a side of islam which i use to find soo strange nd soo much worst, but you made me feel that Islam is not hard its just the ppl that make it hard,
          I want to be a good muslim with ppl like you around inshaAllah i will Nd many others too
          Thanxx alott again

          • In fact, I am very happy to hear you say this "I will try my best to not get any wajib thing in between from now.." May Allah assist you and make things easier for you! Ameen.

            You also said, you want to become a better Muslim, InshaAllah?! However, I think you are already a better Muslim, as it takes only a better Muslim to abstain from zina, and you have already abstained from that, MashaAllah.

            Also, you said you "got tension off your heard' after being reminded of Allah?! In fact, that is a sign of true believers. Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran, "The believers are those whose hearts tremble when Allah is mentioned, and when His revelations are recited to them, they strengthen them in faith, and upon their Lord they rely.Those who perform the prayer; and from Our provisions to them, they spend.These are the true believers. They have high standing with their Lord, and forgiveness, and a generous provision."
            (Quran 8: 2-4)

            However my brother, you just need some little sacrifices to get more closer to Allah and become one of Allah's best friends in Dunya and Akhirah.

            The more you get closer to Allah through observing fardh or wajib prayers (plus optional prayers), the more you become a closer friend of Allah.

            Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran, "Unquestionably, Allah’s friends have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve. Those who believe and are aware. For them is good news in this life, and in the Hereafter. There is no alteration to the words of Allah. That is the supreme triumph." (Quran 10: 62-64)

            Allah (swt) said again in Hadith Kudsi: “...And My servant does not draw near to Me with anything more loved to Me than the religious duties I have obligated upon him. And My servant continues to draw near to me with nawaafil (supererogatory) deeds until I Love him. When I Love him, I am his hearing with which he hears, and his sight with which he sees, and his hand with which he strikes, and his foot with which he walks. Were he to ask [something] of Me, I would surely give it to him; and were he to seek refuge with Me, I would surely grant him refuge.” (Sahih Bukhari)

            Also my brother, I think you may enjoy reading these great hadiths below, inshaAllah. As they can really make you get more closer to Allah and become a better Muslim, inshaAllah.

            The Book Pertaining to the Remembrance of Allah, Supplication, Repentance and Seeking Forgiveness

            Prayer at Night (Tahajjud)

            The Book of Virtue, Enjoining Good Manners, and Joining of the Ties of Kinship

            As you may also watch the below videos to get increased in iman and taqwa, InshaAllah.

            Be Positive, You Have a Beautiful Heart - Sh. Tawfique Chowdhury

            You may watch more interesting topics by Shiekh Tawfique from the below link, InshaAllah.

            Sh.Yusuf Badat - Hadith Halaqah Series - Riyad as-Saliheen (Signs of Allah's Love)

            You may also find more interesting topics by Shiekh Yusuf Badat from the below link, InshaAllah.

            I'd also suggest that before you get your car and start to attend the Islamic lessons (which you said is far from your place), to take some free Islamic lessons from the below link. They really have amazing modules, which could be beneficial InshaAllah.

            Also please my beloved brother, do not hesitate to come back here on this website, anytime you need more strength. Your beloved brothers and sisters here would be very glad to assist you more, inshaAllah.

            Also, please do not forget to pray for all of us, especially in your night prayers ok.

            We all love you for the sake of Allah, so stay blessed through Allah!

        • Bro i have read many ppl on website read many comments, All they do is tell (command) us to follow islam whereas you my friend made me love Islam.
          This is the right thing to do, may Allah bless you for this.. 🙂
          Keep it up bro bc you are the best here..
          InshaAllah i will read nd see all link you gave ... 🙂
          Nd if i have any question will ask you hope you have tym for me later.
          What i think bro you can never make some pray or follow islam with the fear of punishment, fear of Hell, even if you do it will b for parttym as it was for me. But now there is afeeling of luv nd luv dont end but fear does..
          InshaAllah i will do my best..
          And please remember me in your prays

          • Ok my beloved friend. InshaAllah when you are done with all the links, and then you have any question after that, please feel free to ask, and you will be answered, InshaAllah.

            Please just take your time and spend some days/weeks/months reading the hadiths carefully, and then watching the videos ok.

            Stay blessed through Allah, my friend.

            May Allah (swt) help us and forgive us all! Ameen.

  6. Read very very carefully,
    Your already trapped. You are between two thoughts. One is good and one is bad. What you have done already is wrong. The Mega Mass thing. Have you not read the instruction by FDA. It says like we are not responsible for any health consequences if any disease catches you. Something like that. At first you should have read that. Your instructor would not tell you that. It is common sense whenever you sign a document first read the document. So, the same rule apply whenever you eat a food supplement check out its instructions. Well, I am not saying Mega Mass is wrong. What I am saying is that you should not have taken it at the first place. Now, you have issues with the "testosterone" level. Okay, now you know it. Now you will say what should I do next. Stop taking it anymore. And don't tell your instructor that you stopped taking it anymore. And minimize your daily workout habits. I mean the reps you do in gym. That will control your testosterone level for sure. Because testosterone works on your hormone level. And that's why you are getting the high sexual urges. Once you do that your problem is solved.

    Regarding masturbation, you activated it. It is like a trigger mechanism. Once you activate it. It repeats itself in a timely manner. And when it starts to explode it comes in your mind through whispers of the devil (cursed). See, this is how it works. The remedy is possible. The time you feel that you have high sexual urge don't see porn (Allaah Knows you hate porn or not). Just simply go outside of your house with a book in your hand, or play a video game, or chat with a Muslim friend at that time. Don't make girl friends at this moment because you are already fighting yourself. It will kill you. And your faith for sure. Allaah Forbade. Amen!

    If your mom don't permit you to go out at night then buy a game that you can play on the TV. Or XBox. Things like that. Include your mom in it. Make your mom your best friend. Focus on your study. And this is how things will work out insha'Allaah. That is the only remedy. And please don't leave praying 5 times a day. Otherwise, you will be destroyed mentally. And become a partner with the devil unknowingly.

    Do as above what I said and things will work out for you insha'Allaah. And I hope you do fasting in Ramadan.


    Best regards,
    Allaah Knows the Best!

  7. Rules for Success That Help

    1.Stay Busy Make a plan or Plan to fail. Wake up early and make a schedule. Do not leave any free time. Fill every second of your schedule with work. Once you get free time, your mind will start to wander and become curious. If you do schedule time for yourself, you better do something useful with your "me" time or fall into your desires.

    2.No Looking No looking at thing that ingite your desires like hot girls on the web. Don't go on the computer just to search for pictures because step by step you will get closer to losing your self to your desires. Don't be the slave of your desires, Be the Masters of your desires.

    3.No Computers/TV/Internet Access at NIGHT When Night falls, our desires are loose. If you can't control yourself, don't go on any media device at night time. Best bet, Just stay away.

    4.Mediate/Zikr...etc Get together with your spiritual side and become aware of the battle you are facing. A battle that cannot be lost because the fate of the war lies in that battle.

    Now as humans, we are not perfect. We will relapse but you need to be able to deal with the relapse appropriately and get back to the normal schedule. Don't beat your self up. Just keep trying and One day you will be free. I wish you guys good luck.

  8. To Moderators!
    Kindly delete all my post from this thread only. If I would have known that I had given a reply to an ignorant person, I would not had taken that step.

    • Relax, Masood. Even if your advice is not taken by this person, it may benefit others Insha'Allah. I deleted his offensive comment.

      Wael Editor

    • Salam,
      I do not understand why you called this person ignorant as he seems to be very sincere in what he is asking.

      • You have to see his every reply above. The moderators have not deleted one which I am referring to. See in above replies.

        Allaah Knows the Best!

        • I bet there is a misunderstanding, which of his reply are you referring to???

          • No, there isn't a misunderstanding on Br. Masood's end. Brother Masood was responding to a comment that was deleted.

            Sometimes when you go to a post, something may not make sense IF a previous comment has been deleted (such is the case here.)

        • Salam,
          I have read all of his replies and do not see ignorance. What I see is a young man who is striving to be better and asking for advice.

  9. Brother Issah, Assalamu'alaikum, 

    Concerning masturbation being categorized as mubah it is something disagreed. Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal Rahimahullah considered it mubah because he considered it similar to cupping (here it is sperm instead of blood).

    He was a mujtahid and shall be rewarded even for his fatwas which are incorrect. Imam Abdul Azeez bin Baaz Rahimahullah clarifies this matter in his fatwa, which you can read here:

    I thought I should pass this information to you 🙂 Jazak Allahu Khair. 

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • Wa Alaikum Salam Warahmatullahi Brother Abu Abdul Bari-lol,

      The thing is that the most strongest evidence that was used to categorize masturbation as haram is not a conclusive proof. In fact, it is extremely weaker. You cannot make Qiyass with Zina and masturbation at all. The Ayah clearly stated what has been prohibited, which is zina. However, trying to make the Ayah work for masturbation isn't working at all.

      However, no one is promoting masturbation here. Rather, there is a better way to deal with it, which could train the person doing it to quit it gradually.

      Anyway, JazakAllahu Khair for the information. I appreciate it.

  10. Anyway, I thought to share this link with you, as the matter has been discussed from three angles with evidences. The most correct evidences given were for those who saw it as Mubah, which were based on Quran and Sunnah (even though they preferred not to do it).

    Also, in the below video, Dr. Bilal explains why it can't be considered as haram (even though he sees it as makruh and prefers not to do it.

    Hope this helps, InshaAllah.

  11. Start doing push-ups
    Fall into sujood and beg Allah its okay if you fall asleep in your Sujood.. At least youll be protected from sins.
    Read Quran
    Think about the masacre in the Ummah, when you sin small or big it effects even the birds so would you like it if an innocent child got murdered b/c of you.. Imagine you using your muscles to punch and kick and beat the bad guys, those who oppress your sisters, rape them, mutilate your baby brothers and sisters! Rape your pregnant sisters! We are weak as an ummah b/c of our sins and how they affect the Creation.

    This is proven from Quran and Sunnah that our sins affect all of creation.
    May Allah Aza Wa Jal make His obedience easy for you.. Brother when we sin we are drowning our self in loss! And all the blessings of dunya and Aakhira are taken away from us.. When we sin we are the ones who will suffer in the hand..
    I heard this somewhere that masturbation reduces muscle size! This brother who used have a 6 pack lost it in a short time b/c he started masturbating.

    Imagine! The honour you will receive on the day of Judgement when you give up sins as Habibuna Salla'Allahu Alaihi wa Sallam said "Whosoever gives up something for the sake of Allah Allah Aza Wa Jal will c,pens ate it with something better."

  12. I am 13 years old and i have got into the habbit of masturbating. I cant help myslef refrain from doing so and i have ejaculated whilst fasting. Is my fast broken. I havent had a wet dream yet.

    • Assalamu alaikum brother Abdullah masturbating breaks your fast you'll Hav to repay tHat day after ramadhan,make sure you don't masturbate anymore while fasting,read on the comments above for clarification on ways to quit masturbating,brother you are still young and you Haven't quite got very addicted with this act it's the right time to fight yourslef to quit this wrongful act before you get too used to it,i pray to Allah to Help u quit this wrongfull act.

  13. Brother leave masturbation its haram and its and addiction Allah said don't come near salah if you are impure .
    Brother you are now 18 so wait and if you are rich than tell your mom I need to get your mom will understand that you can control your puberty. Mom is the best person for you.
    If she denied than fast until you get married cause if you fast every day the sexual strength will decrease.
    Brother I'm also 17 nearly 18 I was addicted to masturbrate if some one sit nearly me even that time I can't control and masturbrate.thing about your married life so that you can be sacred to that .my penis has bended .I mustrabed that much ..
    So brother I left it recently and I will never ever touch my penis without any reason.and use tight underwear ..than you will not able feel u have penis or not.
    Brother change now....
    One day u have to die..ittaqullah.

  14. Bro i am also going through almost same prob,the best solution for this problem is go on doing masturbation daily also during fajar wake ud and bath-ghusul. Bathing early morning is a tough task so after 2 months you'll prefer not to masturbate daily as we are lazy to bath daily.

  15. You should stop masturbating as it leads to bigger issues like pre mature ejaculation and many other that’s why allah has banned us from doing it so I suggest just hold it in your pants don’t do sins or masturbate

  16. Take some ansvar for training it will slow your testosterone down and trust me you wont be horney

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