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Assalamu 'alaikum, brothers and sisters. I have a question about a husband fulfilling his sexual desires without actually engaging in intercourse.

As we know, masturbation is Haram in Islam. Although self-masturbation is Haram, I've learned that it's permissible for a husband and wife to masturbate each other. My question is, can a husband fulfill his desires by rubbing his penis on his wife's body? Sometimes, a wife may just not be in the mood for having sex. In such a case, is it permissible for a husband to keep rubbing his private part on his wife's body until he ejaculates? Is this considered to be masturbation? I don't think it's the same as masturbation, but I would appreciate it if someone can give me a clear answer about this issue.

Jazakallahu Khairan.


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  1. Salaam. u asked a question... I would prefer not to be judged because I'm simply replying..... there are many ways for a man to get satisfaction from his wife that does not involves could just fondle and play..many ways some of them which are.... using your hand to massage his entire body with olive oil. brushing your hair against his private part. letting him play with your breast..... just using your hand and massaging his private part.... him just pushing himself against you.....

    • u look very sexually frustrated you could have use some better words instead of explaining your fantasies infront of everyone

      • @Lorelei Lee,

        That's Sister Haniyyya's freedom of speech. And she clearly stated that she was simply replying, and that she prefers not to be judged.

      • i am correcting my words here
        the question was about relations, alright but sister it is a public session. think about that if in real , in a group discussion of classfellows (male and female) a girl who is married ask such question, what would be your answer (in the presence of male ones you will carefully give the answer). if this website is used by female only then it would never look bad. cause there are married and single both parties here.
        in a discussion of one gender either male group only or female u can speak freely but the people from many parts of the world are reading this thats why i was saying you could have answered just like my brother asif did. 🙂 because the husband and wife knows what to do with each other except the illegal.
        thank you

        • @ Lorilee

          Your example of real group discussion of classfellows does not fit here. Because in that case no girl will ask such a question.

          take yourself for example: Will you ask such a personal question in a class of male and female students????

          You are offending sister haniyaaa unnecessarily

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    I think a key issue here (and indeed in all matters of sexual activities) is consent. What a married couple do within a halal relationship is their own business, so long as it does not go against Islam. So, if a husband and wife both want to do something that is permissible, then that's their own choice.

    If you mean a situation where the wife has said she does not want to be physically intimate, and the husband insists on doing this act despite her objections, then that would be a betrayal of the trust in their relationship, and would show a lack of respect for her. Consent is essential for a healthy relationship.

    It's also worth noting that there are different views on whether masturbation is haram. You might find it useful to read some of the other posts on this site about this topic, as they might give you more information about this.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Asalamoalaikum,

    To put it briefly, as long as your wife and you are having consensual sexual intimacy there is nothing wrong with what you have asked. You can enjoy with your wife in any way you desire, so long as it does not go against what has clearly been forbidden for us.

    -Helping Sister

  4. Yes, as long as both the husband and wife consent to it, they can engage in whatever makes them happy and satisfies their urges.
    The basic premise when it comes to sexual relations in any way between spouses in Islam is that everything is halal unless explicitly forbidden

    So what is forbidden?
    1. Anal sex. The Prophet said that the person who penetrates the anus of his wife during intimacy is not a Muslim, and Allah will not look at him unless he repents. Of course when done between two men it is an even bigger sin.
    2. Sex while the woman is having her period, i.e. when she is bleeding. However, this only refers to a prohibition on vaginal intercourse, and other sexual activities can be engaged in as long as both spouses consent to it.

    Seminal, pre-ejaculatory and vaginal fluid, as well as urine, are considered najis by scholars and must not be taken into the mouth - intentionally or by accident - such as during oral sex, and care must be taken to prevent this, such as the use of a flavoured condom (during fellatio) or a dental dam (during cunnilingus).

    Other than that, as long as both sides consent to it everything is halal.

    I know I had to use graphic language to explain the above things but, as the Prophet said, ''Allah is not shy to tell the truth'', and neither should we.


    • Great response, mashaAllah.

    • learning new things........ use of a flavoured condom (during fellatio) or a dental dam (during cunnilingus). Never heard about dental dam. Wonder if condoms come in original flavor.

      Haniyyyya's suggestion of brushing .... hair against his private part sounds great.

  5. vulgar comments,

    • As much as I hate to admit true, what you say, but I have none to blame for my obscenity but myself. I doubt the original poster's question is even relevant to him/her, if you just take a look at their past posts. Oh well.

  6. ok brother 🙂

  7. dental what ? that's just too much

    I don't think that a tongue that reads the Quran and make Zikir should go this low.
    whats wrong with normal, respectful love making..
    The prohibitions are very few, and you can go about it all night long

    no need to emulate these weird porn styles.

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