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I'm a divorcee seeking 2nd marriage. I did istekhara several times when the guy's answer was positive.

In the 1st dream I saw his father insisting his mother to wear a saree but she didn't want to wear it and so was looking disappointed. In the 2nd dream he came to our house, my cousin's saying I got him after so many efforts and my family scared which place he belonged to and I'm assured that everything's fine unnecessarily they are worried.

The guy got a dream that his car is missing which he parked out of shopping mall. It went to his native place from his work place. In another dream he saw an ant entering his nose while sleeping - he's afraid that it may harm him, or may die if it gets inside.

Please answer by this whether it is a positive or negative for us both? We are good for each other or not?


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  1. Ant Dream Explanation — Many ants symbolize
    soldiers, progeny, money, or long life. Conversely,
    they also allude to a weak and careful person.
    Seen on a bed, they represent children.
    • Seeing an ant or ants is a reference to: (1) The
    dreamer himself. (2) Relatives. (3) Death of a
    • Ants coming out of their hole: Trouble and
    • Understanding the language of the ants:
    Domination or a high post, in view of the story of
    the prophet and king Solomon (Peace be upon
    • Seeing ants carrying food and entering the
    dreamer’s house: Welfare will increase. The
    reverse is also true.
    • Ants coming out of the dreamer’s nose, ear, or
    other holes: (1) If the dreamer is happy to see
    them getting out, he will die as a martyr. (2) If he
    resents the feat, dangers are lying ahead.
    • Ants entering a country or a village: Soldiers will
    intrude. The reverse is also true.
    • Ants escaping from a town or a house: Thieves
    will make it with their booty.
    • A multitude of ants in a city or village: The
    population is large. IBN. SIREEN...... so I guess it's a no from ibn sireen.......

  2. No body can answer this sister.

    It's not a dream that you have to understand, its more of a general ask Allah for guidance and whatever he makes easy for you to do...then follow it. But if it's not meant to happen then it will be very difficult.

    How do you feel? If you think he is a good match,I is he pious? Is he able to provide for you? Is he a good man? Do You get along? Does he have good character and good friends? Is he trying to improve his deen? Does he go to the masjid? How does his family treat you?

    follow your gut, not dreams.

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