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My husband thinks I did porn as a teenager

My husband imagines that he heard my voice in pornographic videos. Now he’s threatening to kill me.

Trust issue in marriage

He has cheated on me. I still feel hurt.

Afraid of Burglars

I am just so afraid.

Hearing voices, black magic and mind-reading

I started hearing voices in my head. Usually screams, something screaming inside my head, constantly.

Paranoid and abusive husband

He has hit me in rage, given me a black eye, put my head through a glass pane (I had to get stitches), and hit me when I was pregnant. He says I pushed him to the limit each time because I wouldn’t let him walk away. I admit my fault is I stand in his way during an argument, because I’m sick to death of living my life like this and want answers to why he does this to me.

I have recurring dreams that people are spying on me or plotting against me

I have the same recurring dream- that I am going to meet the man of my dreams only to have him leave me on lies that these Asians will spread. I dream that migrants hate me and want to frame me.

My brother has a mental inbalance

My brother suffers from paranoia. He prays his obligatory salat. He follows the sunnah, but his ahlak & his adab is not consistent with that of our Prophets peace be upon them..

He feels like he is being followed

I am writing as someone I know seems to have a problem. For sometime now he has felt like he is being followed and when he turns around no one is there. Over the weekend we took some pictures of his car. When he uploaded them on to the PC and looked over them it seems like there is someone sitting in the car.

Cybersex fear and guilt

I was in a cybersex relationship for almost 2 years with a Muslim in the Middle East. I am not a Muslima but he kept telling me he wanted to marry me. He disappointed me a number of times. He won’t answer his phone and now only contacts me occasionally. He give silly excuses about being too busy.