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Afraid of Burglars

Thief with bag of loot

Help me. I am so afraid of burglars breaking into my house. My home is in a relatively quiet neighborhood. I always try to put my trust in Allah. But I am just so afraid. I fall asleep, but wake up less than 2 hours later because i am so paranoid. i get very scared. please help.


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  1. Dont keep much wealth in your house. So once you dont.. even if you keep the doors unlocked no burglar will ever want to even peep in your home 😀

    Or else, if you have much wealth.. Share out some to some security agency and keep some good security mens like Bouncers at the entrance of your house for the so called burglars if any.. 😀

  2. Read Ayatul Qursi when locking doors and before sleeping. With the 3 kuls

  3. Abdullah ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated, “One day I was riding behind the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), when he said,
    ‘Young man, I will teach you some words. Be mindful of Allah, and He will take care of you. Be mindful of Him, and you shall find Him at your side.
    If you ask, ask of Allah. If you need help, seek it from Allah.
    Know that if the whole world were to gather together in order to help you, they would not be able to help you except if Allah had written so. And if the whole world were to gather together in order to harm you, they would not harm you except if Allah had written so. The pens have been lifted, and the pages are dry.’” (At-Tirmidhi)
    In this beautiful hadith, we see our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) riding with his young cousin, `Abdullah ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him), and we see the Prophet giving advice to the young man; advice that can guide a person throughout his whole life; a blueprint for life in all of its ups and downs.

    • humank, please do not use your email address as your username, as we do not allow posting private contact info. Jazak Allah khayr.

      Wael Editor

      • Do what I do, big baseball bat behind my bed, take up boxing using heavy weight dumbbells, and make sure you use your aggression should a burgular come knocking, remember they are also human and have no special power over you.

      • I am waiting since 5 months but there is no answer to mgy questions -

        • As-salamu alaykum Faisalpk. I checked but did not find any post submitted under this email. In any case I read your comment and my advice to you is to cut off your communication with this girl. 1. She has been dishonest with you in the past. How can you trust her? 2. Your istikhara indicated to you that she is not the right one. 3. If she really cared for you she would have chosen you the first time, not the other guy.

          Let it go. I know you had feelings for her, but you can do better, Insha'Allah.


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