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Lost some jeweleries and money!

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A salam alekum!

My dad died one month ago and as I was rushing to pack and travel I remember I had a certain amount of money with me plus some of my jeweleries which I carried them all in my hand purse not plane cargo. On my way from the airport - home that was few hours by bus I realised I am missing some of the money, and hoping I will find them when I return, I calmed down from the whole situation.

Now I am back and not only I did not found my money but also some of the jeweleries ( I still cant remember if l left them home or carried them with me ) but I believe they should have been home since if somebody was going to steal them he will not select and would have taken them all.

I want to know how and where else to look for them, I am driving myself crazy and can't understand since nobody was in the house ( except the husband who I asked to search for my missing money),  where could have I placed them.  And why did I lost them, one of the rings I lost was found on the floor some time ago and the other things were gifts ( from him) . Is there an answer to my situation? I am obsessing over and over trying to remember where l saw them the last time. Maybe the house made?

Thank you!


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  1. Whatever has happened is from Allah ! understand and except this!! you need to correct and build your iman

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    First, do a systematic search of your house. Look in every room, every cupboard, every pocket. Try to stay calm - if the things you're looking for are in the house, then inshaAllah you'll find them by looking in all possible locations.

    If your money and jewellery aren't found, then think about places you went. Did you stay in a hotel? If so, call the hotel and ask them if anything has been found or handed in. Did you stay with relatives? Ask them if they've noticed anything, and ask them to keep an eye out. Think about the journeys you made as well - maybe contact bus companies and bus stations to see if anything's been handed in, and ask the airline and airports to do the same.

    Make dua, and ask Allah to help you find your lost items, if this is best for you.

    Then, trust in His plans. He may guide you to find your lost property again. Or, it may be that there is a reason why these items left your possession - Allah is the best of planners and although we cannot always understand why something happens, we can trust that He has a reason for it which will be beneficial for us. Remember that, even though they have sentimental value, possessions aren't what truly matter - they come and go, while our faith is forever. Similarly, we can lose people we love in this dunya, but inshaAllah we'll be reunited with them in the aakhirah, and we can remember them in our prayers, which is a more permanent memorial to someone than an object.

    May Allah comfort you and your family in this difficult period, and may He grant your father Jannah, inshaAllah.

    Midnightmoon editor

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