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Lost necklace

I lost a really important necklace and my mom is really mad.

I don’t know what is happening to me

I feel depressed and ill.

False Hopes Over Lost Love

Can I keep moving on even though he owns my heart?

Lost my deen and iman – no right to call myself a muslim anymore

I am too lost and too far into haram. Again, I don’t even feel guilty, regretful or even feel the need to repent. I’m not even sure I want to try and come back to being a good or even decent Muslim.

Will Dua’a help me find my necklace?

Will continuing my dua’a help or is it no use since it seems my mother has accidentally thrown it away?

Hoping for honest answers

I’m very lost and empty and at high risk of suicide.

My fears becoming a reality

Sometimes I think Allah is teaching me a lesson with my fears for not trusting him enough.

I am so hurt…

He told me that he actually had another wife back home… They have a 3 year old child together.

Need advice so low !!!!

He was made to choose between his family and me… I’m pregnant with his child.

Wedding gifts taken back from me

I heard you cannot do this in Islam… the idea of such act really disturbs me.