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Hoping for honest answers

dears,salamAleikum all and hope all is well. this is my first post and hoping for honest answers.

firstly, I'm a converted muslim in which I have been for 10 years. for the past 10 years I've been through mental and physical abuse/violence, I've put up with this for 10 years and have given up and can't take anymore and overall I have severe learning difficulties even though I'm trying to practice being a true muslim. for the past years of being muslim I've got nowhere. I'm finding it very difficult on top where my brain does not function properly. This on top does not help on top of mental and physical abuse.

although I do want to be a true muslim. everywhere I go for who I want to be I'm called names for being who I want to be which is a muslim. the only thing I know is salah/prayer alhamdillilah but don't know on how to make dua. I'm a very lost person overall on top of all this I feel as if I'm going through a very bad curse/black magic and so on could any one please advise me what duah is recommended for my situation.

Please I'm very lost and empty and at high risk of suicide but I don't want to sin at the same time thanks in advance

iesha w

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  1. Assaamualaykum Iesha,

    Dua shouldn't have to be rocket science. You can just put your hands facing upright in front of you, like in begging position, and pour your heart out to Allah, asking He who has the power to give all that you need. There are duas prescribed for different situations, but I would start by just asking of Allah, in your own language, whatever it is that you need.

    You can also say Surah Al-Falaq for protection from the evil that you describe:

    Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

    I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak
    From the evil of that which He has created,
    From the evil of the darkness when it settles,
    From the evil of the blowers in knots,
    From the evil of the envier when he envies.

    Furthermore, know that things like black magic have no power over Allah. Please do what you need to do to take care of yourself as much as possible, even if it means separating from your abusive husband. Abuse of any kind is not permitted in Islam.

    Best to you sister,


  2. dear sister i suggest you to contect and go to your near masjid and discuss this with imam there he will insha Allah surely help you there is a lot of dua to cure black magic but i don,tt know if you can read them i will pray for you but advice you to contect any local muslimah or someone whi can take you to imam of masjid and remember imam must be muslim shia,qadiani,ahmdy. they are not muslim stay away from them the imam must be muslim

  3. You need to stop putting so much pressure on yourself, my friend. The good thing about Allah is that He's all-knowing and merciful, so even if you don't do things "properly" (whatever that means), He sees your intentions and your efforts. Rest assured about that.

    Second of all, I'd advice against using terms like "true Muslim", "real Muslim", "good Muslim", etc. What even is a "true Muslim"? Many Muslims appear to do everything they're supposed to do on the outside - yet, if you have read this forum, you'll see many of the Muslims that appear to be "true" have dark sides behind closed doors. Are they "true Muslims"?

    No one is perfect, and there really is no such thing as a "true Muslim". If you believe in Allah, you're Muslim. Finished. As long as you're trying your best, you're on the right path. Don't stress yourself out by holding yourself up to an imaginary standard that none of us live up to.

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